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  • Defrag: Windows 8.1 Upgrades, Overheating, Keeping Safe Online

    You need to show that Surface video on YouTube to Mr Ballmer & Co. - Get the on to the marketing team. More stuff like this would do wonders for the product line!

    I saw the video a few days ago and was amazed at the things my Surface 2 can do!

  • Defrag: System Images, HDMI Audio, Hybrid Drives

    RE: "Where can user get install media for laptop"

    What are Microsoft's views if you were to just download an OEM disk from somewhere (it the 'net) and use the legitimate (OEM sticker) key with that?


    Ok, so you have to get drivers (if windows misses them - I never even had to bother looking for Windows 7 or 8 Release Preview), but at least you'd get a clean install without all the crap.

  • Defrag: Windows Search, Delaying Windows Update, Reboot Requirements

    Larry, I used to do your style of driver install in the old days, that is that I had 2 cd drives, and would load 'em both, when one finished, swap it for another... until the whole job is done. That's as well as installing apps from the hard drive. Only 3 or 4 things installing at a time though. I mean, you've gotta have limits, right...?!

    Windows seems to have gotten stricter over time, or at least the installers have - They don't seem let you do it that way any more. Ah, the good ol' days...

    Now, a question, if you don't mind..

    You have mentioned a couple of times recently about doing a fresh install on an OEM pc - Could you be specific with licensing details? You say the OEMs use volume keys, but the sticker on the PC is for an OEM version of Windows, right? What I am getting at is that we don't all have the luxury of technet subscriptions ( boo hoo!), so would copyi...downlo...obtaining a clean OEM disk matching the key on the sticker and installing actually be legal...?

    You mentioned VLC before too, and on investigation, I came across alot of links about how people use K-Lite, and how it's bad (pirated / hacked stuff)...What are your views on this...?

    Oh, and finally: Do I really need to tell you what a great show this is...? lol

  • Defrag: Disable Show Desktop, Hide User Accounts, Accurate Energy Usage

    Great show again!

    I have some questions, if you'd be so kind..

    1) A few shows ago you talked about Microsoft calling at home, and it got me thinking: Here in the UK lately, we keep getting phone calls from companies stating that they have found malware on your PC and offering to clean it up (for a rather large fee). Probably bullshit, I know, but are there any circumstances that someone else could get into your PC if you have the default firewall settings and
    up-to-date malware / virus protection (Security Essentials on the other 6 PCs I get guilt-tripped into looking after (ie. the other family members' PCs), and FSecure on my own box, and automatic updates is set to auto-install on all of them). I ask because I am the one in the family who "knows about computers" and someone close got one of these calls recently (and told them to...well, declined the offer...). Obviously, a drive-by download, or being tricked into installing something is the obvious answer (and all too bloody likely with the family...), but Windows keeps itself very well patched, right? That wasn't a dig by the way - I know how serious Microsoft are about security!.

    2) What are those big monitors you have behind you there (make / model) Would you consider donating one...? (

    3) Do you know of any good guides for setting up a HomeGroup between a Windows 7 host and a VMWare guest (running Windows 7)? I've Goo...that-thing-starting-with-G-gled and found stuff but never got it working. By the way, why doesn't Virtual PC like 64-bit guests?

    Thanks for any answers you can give, and keep up the great show.

    p.s - I hope you find some sponsers soon.
    Stick a PayPal 'Donate' button on the page...


  • Defrag: How to make a Win7 thumbdrive, Running old games on Win7, Imaging old laptop for XP Mode.

    Loads of useful info! I have a question too, of course...!

    I just tried to install Windows Live Essentials on my Windows 7 x64 box, the programs crash on starting - I get stuff like "Windows Live Mail [/ writer...] has stopped working". The thing is, I've installed it all and used it all before on this very box. 
    Also, the installation went through OK the several times that I tried.

    Googling the errors didn't help much - A lot of it was only to do with older versions of Essentials, and more about crashing during use, as apposed to when starting. I can't think of anything else stopping it - Temporeraly disabled the AV while installing and using, tried shutting other stuff down completely, but to no avail. I have only really used the same small set of applications for a long time now (you know, you find the ones you like and stick with them...) so it can't be that - They were all there last time.

    Any ideas...?