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  • Neil Enns - If a cell phone developer said "I'm going to go with Java" what would you say?

    Utter bobbins!

    If developers write properly for Java MIDP 2.0 then there's no reason why ANY properly implementing device can't run a game.

    Now it's absolutley true that conflicting Java Version will cause problems - but I garauntee that the second you release the next version of Windows-SmartPhone-Shorthorn you'll break some compatability with some programs.

    Or, more likely, a device developer will add on their own funky extensions that will break compatability somewhere.

    You're also having to play catch up.  Look at the huge library of games and applications that are available for PalmOS, Symbian and Java.

    I know the company I work for (Vodafone UK) is beginning to make the move the MS Smartphones, but every proffessional I know uses either a Blackberry (yum push email) a Palm or a P800/P900.  The battery life and application range on MS Smartphones just doesn't come close to what I need.

    I don't know the politics of Java - but a JVM will find its way on to your devices soon, and then you'll have to convince people that your .Net version of Tetris is better than the Java one that works on all of the other devices.

    Just my €0.02

    NB - These comments do not reflect Vodafone's opinion in any way.

  • Neil Enns - Isn't Microsoft at a cultural disadvantage in the cell phone market?

    I work for Vodafone UK... I have to say some of the attitudes of the Americans are very confusing!

    Paying to receive a call...? WTF?  That's just asking for trouble! 

    Not having a seperate "area code" for mobile... They're mobile - not tied to your state!

    Complete underuse of SMS.  I SMS my boss to let him know he should be in a meeting Smiley

    Push to Talk.  What the hell is that about?  We keep trying to roll it out here but it isn't as quick, convenient or as usable as SMS.

    Chosing 1900MHz as your GSM standard... When the rest of the world uses 1800.

    I still can't beleive your interconnect agreements.  OK, we were a little slow interconnecting between UK Operators, but almost any service launched now has European coverage from day one... Yet I still can't reliably send SMS to the States!

    Whew! Rant over Smiley

    As for me, I have a work phone/Blackberry, a personal phone and whatever phone I'm testing.


  • Neil Enns - Why would anyone want a cell phone with a camera on it?

    In many ways, I see it as a tool for democracy.  In the UK the majoriy of "news" from camera phones is Z-List celebs snogging each other.  But it won't be long until a crime is caught on camera and submitted as evidence.