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  • The Lab of Things

    Would be cool to see this integrated with Xbox One. There are already some good products out there like Revolv but I'd rather leverage my Xbox One investment.

  • Launch a Web application with a Lync custom menu

    Looks easy enough.  I'll be curious how you folks enable these type of extensions in the Windows 8 and Window RT Lync app.

  • Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Released to ​Manufacturi​ng!!!

    Congratulations!  Hopefully we will now see a quick build up of apps in the Windows Store before October 26th.

    Btw, is Windows RT part of this announcement?

    I can hardly wait to see consumer oriented Windows 8 devices that take advantage of touch/pen.

  • Kinect-cart.​.. A prototype ​Kinect-​enabled Shopping cart

    Cool prototype.  Didn't see it in the demo but I imagine produce would be a significant issue with such a cart/checkout system.  While I'd be tempted to build a scale into the cart I think it might be more cost effective and reliable to have the cart interface with a fixed digital scale and perhaps use Kinect's optics for "produce" recognition.  Beyond this, the biggest technical issue imo is how you build-in reliable/upgradeable shoplifting safeguards without doubling unit costs.  You can imagine how much easier it is to secure the stationary self-checkout registers we have today (simple weight checks, fixed cameras in addition to human attendants).  I hope the project continues to get funded though.

    One fundamental change I would make to this prototype right off the bat would be to lose the robotic wheels, place the scanner on the front-edge of the cart (in view of the Kinect optics) maximize space for merchandise and even allow customers to immediately bag their items. Green LEDs in the handlebar would indicate to personnel that cart items are cleared to leave the building with the customer.

  • A New NUI - Tobii Eyetracking Hardware

    Playing an asteriod style game in this fashion is almost unfair.  Does Bill Buxton have this in his collection?

    Btw, this is partially what I would like to see Kinect for PC enable.  Hopefully there is some collaboration around this scenario.

  • Bill Buxton Shows Us His Favorite Tech

    Many thanks for putting that collection together.  I've been immersed for the last half hour or so.

  • TouchDevelop - Script Your Phone on Your Phone Reloaded

    You've done a fantastic job surfacing the various libraries...very intuitive.

  • MAUI: Mobile Assistance Using ​Infrastruct​ure

    Interesting.  With MAUI, maybe I can look forward to the day that our Windows Home Server can do some heavy lifting.

  • WordPress on Windows Azure: A discussion with Morten ​Rand-​Hendriksen

    Great interview, covered alot of the things I've been thinking about.  From Morten's perspective, I certainly can see why this would make sense to their business ...a new option for their customers to leverage a cloud platform to better scale & support large membership sites.

    I've been working with WordPress quite a bit lately.  Although I have no plans to host our WordPress site in Windows Azure, in short term we can probably take advantage of Azure CDN and ACS 2.0.  

    Windows Azure CDN to alleviate disk i/o in our shared hosting environment.  Microsoft should either contribute or work with the creators of W3 Total Cache (currently does not integrate with Azure CDN) so that content is automatically sync'd with Azure.

    The just announced ACS 2.0 is a great addition that I think many WordPress installs could take advantage of.  Frankly I'd like to see Microsoft workout some sort deal with WordPress to get their ACS 2.0 WordPress plugin included in the default WordPress package.  After all, Windows Live did migrate over 600k+ customers to WordPress.


  • A Look at Microsoft's Surface Computer V.2

    PixelSense technology is amazing.  Hopefully we see that technology continue to evolve along with lower production costs so that it becomes a viable replacement for the capacitive screens we see in all these Slates.  I'd be curious if it can take input from a stylus and detect pressure applied..sort like what Wacom is doing.

  • PC Showcase with Ben the PC Guy

    Samsung Series 9 looks absolutely stunning and I'm pleasantly surprised by the battery life these 2nd gen iCore devices are getting.  The Acer Iconia looks like it has alot of potential but I'm curious if it can open up completely flat and work with a stylus.  Sofar, the Asus EP121 is the device I'll be taking a closer look at for my eveyday machine.

  • Microsoft Touch Mouse

    @Larry, thanks for the explanation.  Its just that I recall zoom/rotate being demonstrated in the older research videos.  I was sort of looking forward to using these gestures with Bing Maps.

    @bas, I was wonder this too. Just guessing, but it might be translating gestures to scrollbar actions or keyboard shortcuts.  I don't think you can use the mouse surface to draw in MS Paint for example.