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  • How to Use Digital Cable Tuners with CableCARD in Windows 7 Media Center

    The Ceton TV card is what I am waiting for before I go for broke.  For Live TV, the last missing piece of the puzzle is ability to stream Live TV to other Media Center PCs in the home.  I can see this achieved by creating a Windows based or perhaps more ideal, a Silverlight based MC Extender application.  The content streaming would be limited to the Homegroup.

  • Media Center without a TV Tuner

    My favorite Win7 Media Center feature is Internet TV..it is vastly improved and I absolutely love the Zune Video Podcast channel.

  • The Access Show: Access 2010 demo of Access Services and web databases

    This Access/SharePoint synergy looks to have the makings of a big hit.  You'll get some fantastic consumer/professional exposure if this could be leveraged on Office Live Small Business and Office Live Workspaces as well.

  • Introducing Click-to-Run in Office 2010

    I've been working with the tech preview and I enjoy being able to use it without it conflicting with my Office 2007 installation.  Its as painless as I think it can be.  Would I use click-to-run once released?  Not really, only because Outlook - Business Contact Manager is not distributed through click-to-run.  I'm pretty excited with what I've seen of BCM...its probably the most improved software in the Office suite.  http://blogs.msdn.com/bcm/default.aspx  If only Office Live Small Business could actually host/sync with BCM for a small team working from home offices.

  • Introducing Microsoft Office Starter 2010

    I don't know how much of an impact this will have.  Everyone I know has taken advantage of the Office Student and Home Edition with its 3 PC licensing.  But its nice to know you are getting away from trial versions on new computers.  There is no doubt that ditching Works in favor of Office is a win-win situation for all.


    Looking down the road though, I have to wonder if those who would be interested in sticking with Starter edition wouldn't be better served by introducing them to Office Live Web Apps.  What are the core functional differences between the Office Starter Edition and Office Live Web Apps?

  • This May Be Your Next Mouse

    I agree Staceyw, there are more obvious ways to utilize the hand rest space on laptops for multitouch purposes.  For desktops, wacom already offers multitouch capabilities (http://www.wacom.com/bamboo/bamboo_touch.php).  But I like what you are suggesting in terms of displaying items on the touch/pen tablet itself.  Kind of a "Super" Windows SideShow.  Another approach would be to use pico projection, and project the desktop and/or application specific items/objects on the surface while Side mice demonstration technology would allow the user to navigate it.  This projection/camera system could be place on the back of a keyboard.  Utilize the space between keyboard and monitor.

  • This May Be Your Next Mouse

    My question would be, what are the advantages of mice over say a "multitouch" enabled mousepad?


    My favorite of these is the Side mouse...primarily because it can facilitate two hands when needed.  With some tweaking, I could see the view area widened.


    My least favorite is the Cap mouse...surface area seems to be too limited.

  • Ray Ozzie: Introducing Live Mesh

    DukeNukem wrote:
    Can you add a Windows Live SkyDrive to be a device?

    I agree, that would start to tie things together.  Amit Mital, GM of Live Mesh, has said it is their intention to add many more devices in the months ahead.
  • Ori Amiga: Programming the Mesh

    My head is spinning..this very far reaching and very cool.  I would imagine the network infrastructure you are setting up to enable this is a monster.

    For me, it will be interesting to see if this could be leveraged for digital rights management.  Something like associating licenses to a users Mesh instead of a specific device.