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  • PC Showcase with Ben the PC Guy

    Samsung Series 9 looks absolutely stunning and I'm pleasantly surprised by the battery life these 2nd gen iCore devices are getting.  The Acer Iconia looks like it has alot of potential but I'm curious if it can open up completely flat and work with a stylus.  Sofar, the Asus EP121 is the device I'll be taking a closer look at for my eveyday machine.

  • Microsoft Touch Mouse

    @Larry, thanks for the explanation.  Its just that I recall zoom/rotate being demonstrated in the older research videos.  I was sort of looking forward to using these gestures with Bing Maps.

    @bas, I was wonder this too. Just guessing, but it might be translating gestures to scrollbar actions or keyboard shortcuts.  I don't think you can use the mouse surface to draw in MS Paint for example.

  • Microsoft Touch Mouse

    Thanks for the video.  Device looks great but I wonder why no zoom or rotate gestures?  These seem fairly easy to implement.

  • Is 2011 The Year That DLNA Kills the Printer Driver?

    Windows 7 already supports this?

  • Dell’s Inspiron Duo is the World’s First Fliptop PC

    I wonder where Dell got their inspiration from...remember this...

    clio c1000


  • Dell’s Inspiron Duo is the World’s First Fliptop PC

    Yeah, the lack of video/hdmi port is a bummer but the bigger issue for me is why they didn't put the webcam on the "flippy" part...so you could skype or what not when it is sitting in its dock.  With a few hardware improvements (hdmi, directx, viewing angle, webcam), I think Dell has a great "device" on their hands.  Microsoft has alot of work to do to make Windows work great on these devices though.  I'm a bit hestitant in buying a Windows based slate until I know what Microsoft has planned to address this.

  • Settling Down to a Movie? It Must Be Popcorn Hour!

    Interesting.  But as far as I can tell, it won't playback Media Center TV recordings, it won't act like a Media Center Extender, it isn't able to access Zune MarketPlace to stream content and I have a feeling that the apps for this won't support support Silverlight/Silverlight streaming.  Other than Media Connect, there really isn't much of any Microsoft platform or service support here.  One nice thing is that Popcorn has its own app store.

  • Acer Joins the Windows 7 Tablet Party (in 2011)

    Great looking Windows device.  The Android based units offer 10 point multitouch, hdmi, dolby...so I imagine those specs will definitely be part of the Windows sku as well.  And with AMD processor its probably a sure bet this will come with a DirectX 10+ graphics.  Then again, in 2011, with Intel Oaktrail etc, it doesn't make sense to buy anything without DirectX 10.  Especially if you want to take advantage of IE9's hardware acceleration.  The big unknown, price. 

    Microsoft better be prepared to compete on finger friendlyness and low cost apps or those Android/Chrome models might grab 20% of consumer market in its first year. And I'm not entirely sure those folks who go the other way will bother buying a Windows PC in addition.  2011 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for Microsoft.  I'm looking forward to what they have announce at CES.

  • LG Outs New 10.1” Windows 7 Tablet

    $850 with no webcam...please, dead on arrival.

  • Silverlight TV 53: T Minus 2 Weeks to the Silverlight Firestarter

    @CKurt: +1 on expanding Silverlight to TV.  At least a more formal way of doing that.  Today you can build Silverlight apps targetting Media Center.  I'd like to see a shared app store between Media Center, XBox and perhaps other devices.  It would be interesting to know if anything came of that partnership with Intel and Broadcom to get Silverlight on their SOC solutions.