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  • Gigabyte’s Booktop T1125 Offers Three Form Factors for the Price of One

    I definitely think these docks are where things are going with Convertibles and Slates.  The T1125 looks like it is a pretty lightweight device...and thats great.  At $1299 though, this is a bit pricey in my opinion.  You can get a HP TM2 for $850 today and that includes a wacom stylus.  One other critique about this particular dock station...its not clear it has a HDMI port which is crucial if you want to playback any protected content.  Also, I would have much preferred a dock that lets you seat the device at an angle.

  • Watch What You Shout At the TV - It May Be Able to Hear You

    Love the premise behind this, it really minimizes the need for menu navigation so you can enjoy content and not the menu UI so much.  I might be way off, but I believe they are pretty much using the built-in speech capabilities in Windows 7.  Finally someone has a real voice application and included a voice other than Ana.  The one thing I really wish it did like Kinect though, is detect who is speaking instead of having to say "I am {yourname}" to switch profiles. 

    It also has me thinking how I would sync speech profiles between other media center PCs.  Something for the Live Mesh team?  Frankly with Kinect coming out, Microsoft should be looking at voice profile syncing not only between PCs but also between XBox, PC and Phone.

  • The HP Slate 500 Looks Ready for Business

    Is the windows 7 version installed in the slate the same as the desktop version? Does this allow installation of wpf 4 and silverlight 4 OOB apps in it??

    Yes, desktop version.  Yes to WPF and OOB SL4 apps. 

  • The HP Slate 500 Looks Ready for Business

    I love the form factor and HDMI docking station but for that price you can get a HP TM2t on HP's site for only $30 more.  The biggest downside is that this hardware won't support IE9 accelleration.  Doesn't matter much because I buy consumer devices for all my needs.  Its a real shame that HP won't be releasing a consumer slate based on Windows 7.

  • Office 365: The power to think big and be small, to be big and act fast

    One idea to make Office 365 more compelling...create Lync addon for "Aurora" small business server to enable full voice support.

  • Office 365: The power to think big and be small, to be big and act fast

    @Aaron: Thanks.  Well, they should collaborate with some IPPBX services (like RingCentral) to more fully integrate with Office 365 Small Business.

    There is some discussion going on the Office Live Small Business community forum in regards to this announcement.  Some folks are unhappy with not having a lower cost option than the $6/account/mo.  I can see their point if they are a local community/team organization or micro business.  These folks really don't use OLSB the way it was intended...they are predominantly using it for web and email hosting.  For these customers, Office 365 Small Business is overkill.  Please consider a webhosting only Office 365 option..maybe $20/year and convert email management to Live Admin Center.  For these folks the collaboration features in Live Groups and Live SkyDrive are sufficient.  Keep these customers happy and let them upgrade to Office 365 when they truly need more robust capabilities.

  • Office 365: The power to think big and be small, to be big and act fast

    As a Office Live Small Business customer, I love what I'm hearing.  Essentially retain the existing capabilties (Web and Team sites) but move folks to Office 2010, Exchange and basically a platform that I feel comfortable will be supported.  It was a good idea to change the small business licensing model to accommodate a single user.  The #1 feature I was hoping for was publishing MS Access.  At the moment, its a bit unclear what VOIP capabilities are offered, but I'm very interested if that is an option. 

  • What’s Better Than TV on Your PC? Free HDTV On Your PC.

    Perhaps it is a given, but this device supports Windows Media Center.

  • IP Cams Help Everyone Sleep Soundly on Vacation

    Looks nice but I would prefer if there was a version of the alert/recording software that was available as a Windows Home Server addin and accessible via WHS remote access.

  • Create Your Massive, Mobile TV Archive with Windows Home Server, Windows Media Center and Zune

    Love WHS and Media Center, they really do compliment each other.  Especially with the right Movie Library addins.  Zune works well using WHS as a centralized storage area for downloads.  In the future, the question will be how does Microsoft keep WHS and Media Center relevant with personal cloud storage and online streaming/services.

  • .NET Gadgeteer

    +1 on the cool factor.  There seems to be some interesting synergy with this, Robotics Studio, MSR's HomeOS and potentially Windows Home Server.

  • Xbox Kinect – It’s Not Just About the Games

    @Ian2: good idea, i'm sure you can plug the Xbox video/audio output into a capture device.

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