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UlsterFry UlsterFry http://en.​wikipedia.​org/wiki/​Ulster_fry
  • Trusting IE again

    Still using FF, don't like the postion of the buttons, or where the menu options are, and most of all, as a developer, it's still riddled with css and dom scripting bugs!

    It does have some nice features and is a vast improvement on IE6, but for me FF wins hands down.

  • look ma! no case!

    Something tells me he might be needing that fire extinguisher soon enough!

  • Feel-good films

    How about an old classic that I watched the other week:

    "It's a Wonderful Life"

    Big Smile

  • Get your terror alerts via email

    W3bbo wrote:

    My £5 bet: They move on to an RSS feed next.

    My £5 is on ad banners at the bottom of the email..  I can just see it now:

    Threat Level:  High

    This terror alert message service is proudly brought to you by the Acme Inc Family Nuke-No-More Shelter, protecting your nuclear family from the twisted cat-stroking evil doers nuclear ways since 1953.

  • Some good news

    Nice one...

  • And baby #5 is born


    maybe you could get AOL to sponsor your 5-a-side fooball team Smiley

    Cybermagellan wrote:
    Trust me, it's hard to deal with, it's hard to explain, and it's hard to live with some days.

    Keep your chin up, you gotta ride the low's and the high's

  • Yahoo 'Find of the Year'

    One of my websites came runner up in Yahoo's 'Find of the Year' Big Smile

    Which is ironic because it was a last minute rush job, I'd about 5 days to create it on top of my other work!

    You can find it here..  it's called 'Know Your Limits'

    They managed to include a typo in the url, but it's impossible to contact anyone at yahoo regarding it.

    If you like it, please vote for it here:


    Thanks Big Smile

  • Saddam is dead - YAY!

    dhogan wrote:
    W3bbo wrote:
    The deaths resulting from the Iraq war are because of collateral damage, the US never deliberately targeted civilians (Well, not officially at least), unlike Saddam who directly ordered the deaths of the civilians.

    Big difference.
    If not for Kuwait he might still be there killing Kurds and entertaining Donald Rumsfeld.

    Well, there are some that think he was provoked into invading Kuwait, so a war would start and the US could setup a permanant base in the middle east.

    I for one think it was wrong to execute him, I'm just glad they didn't make him 'Minister for Education'  hehe Big Smile

  • Oh My God an MVP! [MSDN Forums related]

    Hey,  don't be so highly strung.

    See what I did there.. string, strung..  bah..  forget it  Tongue Out

  • Last post, bye bye Channel 9...

    TommyCarlier wrote:
    What 'anonymous guys' are we talking about, 'Eagle'? And I live in GMT+1, is that close enough for you to not like me?

    Na, he just has a 'thing' against GMT cause it runs through Greenwich, which is situated in shock horror... ...Britain.