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  • Help Desk with Chris Pirillo on Channel 9 Live (Pilot Episode)

    I thought I would quickly chime in and say I have been following Chris for awhile.


    Some of the macs were sponsored for Gnomedex, and some he bought. None were sponsored by apple themselves to my knowledge, hence why he covered the apple logo on his macbook with his own logo.


    Also he has had windows units sent to him several times. He is very vocal when he dosnt like a product, be it a PC, a Mac (such as the Air.), or be it a Operating System. (Such as Vista, but note that Linux hasnt escaped his vocal distaste either.)


    He has used Windows 7 now for some time, and from what I have seen has enjoyed it. Just because some one chooses to use one product for a primary machine over another, dosnt mean they cant use both. There are a ton of people who are well respected who use a multitude of products. Why? Because knowing more bout multiple operating systems, make them better to help a wider range of people.


    I think you jumped in the water before checking the temprature first.