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  • Jeff Henshaw and David Alles - Xbox 360 and Media Center: Living room of the future

    clintsinger wrote:

    Very interesting interview. Being a Media Center user I am completely thrilled with the potential the XBOX 360 has to integrate.  

    One question that I have is whether the XBOX 360 will also stream the Live TV feed by hijacking the tuner (I have dual tuner).  While I typically just watch prerecorded tv (I can't watch tv without jumping over the commercials ), sometimes I just want to watch live tv and love the ability to pause it.  Of course the XBOX 360 would likely be hooked up to a tv far away from my media center and that tv won't allow me to pause a show; so to get around that I would just watch tv using the tuner from the media center.

    Is this even possible?


    PS. Will get get to see some videos where the Xbox 360 is demoed including its Media Center extender capabilities?

    You can watch Live TV on your Xbox 360, streamed from the Media Center PC. You can even do all the trick-play functions (pause, rewind, instant replay, etc.) on the Xbox 360 as well. And in Hi-Def to boot.

    I demoed it in person at Digital Life NYC this past weekend (it wasn't too crowded on the Friday, so the MS reps let me sit down and play with it for a full half-hour just testing things out.) It works really well.
  • The PDC05 Flair

    If you want me to put 37 pieces of flair on my site, like your pretty-boy Steve, why not just make the minimum 37 pieces of flair?