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  • Rules Driven UI using WF

    Great screencast!

    Now I finally understand what WF does.... All this time I've been mystified to what it does new or how it does it differently, and only found the Microsoft articles on the subject even more confusing.

    This screencast is a great introduction to the subject, because it shows you just how amazingly powerful WF can be... No more rolling out new applications when a single algorithm or constant piece of data changes, instead just login, update the database and your done! Amazing and powerful.

    Thank you.
  • VC++ 2005: IDE Tips and Tricks

    Wonderful interview. VERY interesting stuff here guys. I really learnt a trick or two.

    If a VS VC++ team member drops by this thread, I would like to know if there is any information, good or bad, about support for VC++ being added to the VS Class Designer (as supported for C#, etc).