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  • Anders Hejlsberg - LINQ

    Shark_M wrote:
    what is this guy saying?
    I am new here, and begginner in C#,
    To me its like chinese,

    WHat the heck is IEnumerable of T for some T mean?

    Can you put it in simple english for me?

    Its just a generics thing.  Look up "generics" and ".Net 2.0" and you should find some stuff.  Just basically saying that it implements the IEnumerable interface for type "<Any Type>", or type "<T>" as it is commonly referred to.  Generics is some pretty neat stuff.
  • Anders Hejlsberg - LINQ

    daniel wrote:
    Could someone say ORM at least once. These ideas weren't generated out of the blue. Yes there are some neat things here but a lot of it resembles very closely what I use Ruby for everyday + some type checking.
    I find it slightly disturbing how this is presented and everyones comments here. There are interesting comparaisons to be made. There is a technological context.

    He did say in the video that there was a technological context and that this was not unprecedented stuff.  Did you watch/listen to the whole vid?
  • Sean Alexander (and others) - Windows Vista Sidebar and Gadgets

    AdamKinney wrote:
    izzy wrote: Is there anybody working at Microsoft who isn't a Program Manager ?
    It always goes: I'm ..... Program Manager on the .... team.

    Hi, I'm Adam Kinney Software Development Engineer on the Channel9 team.

    Winston Pang wrote: So is there a site where it would explain the limitations, and how i would write a gadget? I would like to get started in making one.

    Keep your eye on MicrosoftGadgets.com.  But for today, there is some information on Start.com.

    OMG they DO exist! DEVELOPERS at Microsoft! 

    I would like to see more developers in channel9 vids myself.  Come on guys, we know you are in there somewhere.  Somebody has to be writing all of this great software, and it sure isnt a program manager :O

  • Sean Alexander (and others) - Windows Vista Sidebar and Gadgets

  • Sean Alexander (and others) - Windows Vista Sidebar and Gadgets

    *cough* KonFABulator *cough cough*

    Seriously though, this does look pretty cool though.
  • Lisa Feigenbaum - Code Snippets in Visual Studio

    Man, this almost makes me wanna start programming in VB instead of C#.... because... of... the..... code... snippets...  Code snippets.  Yep, thats why =P
  • Clipster is here!

    Very sexy.  Now I don't have to keep sending hour long videos links to ppl when I just want to show them a little snip.  Very cool idea!