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VB Man VB Man Year of the Linux MCE.
  • Stickers on computers: Y / N   ?

    No, they do not. The stickers all on the palmrests of PCs looks so cheap. Apple sticks to the highest quality. 

  • Microsofts Latest Ad Campaign

    When will Microsoft learn? You get what you pay for. Ownership vs. Lease. Can we all be certain the Zune Store will be here tomorrow? Is Apple's pricing structure really the only thing they can attack?

    Microsoft should stop slamming their competition and start pointing out great things in their products..... wait.... they tried that with the ads they shot at Best Buy advertising Windows Live Gallery etc. and were atrocious. Hire a new marketing team!



  • Absolutely Brilliant, Windows XP Mode in 7

    Bas said:
    Evil SEO said:
    If I understand it correctly, that's the interesting thing about Expression Web Superpreview: rather than run or emulate other rendering engines, it sends a request for the page to some server, which then renders it on the target platform, and then sends an image of the output back. So in theory this could mean that you can tell exactly what your page would look like in Safari under OSX (including OSX's fonts and everything) without actually having to own a mac or runs OSX/Safari, because the server will render it on an OSX machine for you.

    (channel9 still sucks at trying to sign in. it is bad when microsoft employees cannot use microsoft tech)

  • Comfortable Work Shoes

    jamie said:
    littleguru said:
    hmm.  all i see are laces to tie up.

    my new rule is velcro strap - one pull = on

    ps - meant reply root .. as usual
    Velcro strap shoes? Eh............

    Not very professional.

  • Shock! Lauren ad is .... AN AD!!!

    PaoloM said:
    VB Man said:

    And yet, they are made in the exact same factories, in the same countries, by the same people.
    Yet again, the point is missed. Apple uses uni-body aluminium. The build quality is the best. Better than all those sh!tty PC Makers that use terrible, cheap, plasitc parts.

  • Shock! Lauren ad is .... AN AD!!!

    Minh said:
    brich said:

    I know about the hardware power-on key... But isn't there a power-on on the keyboard itself? Since I'm not using an Apple KB, I have no idea where it is.

    The comment about made in China refers to another comment where VB Man implied that Macs are better than PCs because PCs are made in Taiwan... Taiwan probably has a better environmental record than any mfgr in mainland China...

    BTW, I ordered the cheapest Mac mini I could, which came w/ only 1 GB. Apple wanted $150 for the 4GB upgrade... I bought 4 GB for $65 instead from a 3rd party... Next project, opening up the Mac mini... haha!

    You seemed to of missed the point. I am saying that acer, asus, msi, toshiba, sony, whatever other brand you prefer does not have near the quality of an Apple machine.

    Congrats on your Mac!!!

  • Shock! Lauren ad is .... AN AD!!!

    OS X > Windows. Build quality of Apple machines > [Insert Taiwanese manufacturer here]. 

    Price justified.

  • Looks Like C9 Killed Classic Logins (Sampy: It's a bug!)

    Minh said:
    VB Man said:
    It is done


    Once you use Mac, you never go back.

    Have fun bud, you will not regret it... not even one bit. I promise. 

  • What Technologies Did You Use In Your Last Project?

    From the C9 survey, just wondering what technologies you used in your last project.

  • Looks Like C9 Killed Classic Logins (Sampy: It's a bug!)

    Minh said:
    VB Man said:
    I'm a few clicks away from ordering this... iPhone development is a temptress...

    I have a PS/2 KVM switch that I plug a USB converter into... Will it work w/ the Mac Mini? Or do I have to buy separate KB & Mouse?
    It should work. 

    Go for it Minh. 

    'Mac is over priced!' blah blah blah... there whole Dev Suite is free and it includes Instruments which blows any VS testing plugin out of the water.

    Long live OS X. It just works.