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  • IronRuby: The Right Language for the Right Job

    Hey pretty cool John. Would you consider making some videos with Quicktime though as I hate the way WMP has the slider set up. I can't just go anywhere in the video content like I can with Quicktime. Thanks!
    Maybe you could convince MS to fix this feature. I though it would work but boing! Back to the beginning it goes.
  • DataBinding to a Web Service in ASP.NET 2.0

    I thought this was about nuggets so he is using the wrong tool anyway. This must be the scrap pile.
  • DataBinding to a Web Service in ASP.NET 2.0

    What? Take a look back at the Drag N Drop videos my friends. What was that button with the plus sign again? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
  • DataBinding to a Web Service in ASP.NET 2.0

    Hi G. Andrew,

       Great information. I learned quite a bit. Even that this one will only run once. What am I to do with that <app settings for a dynamic port? Turn that feature off? Rebuild the web reference every time?

    This one was fun to learn from. I downloaded the swf file and ran it in Irfanview. I must of got a glitch in the transfer though as Irfanview locked up just about at the end of building the service provider. Flash players are cool though. I wish more control was avalible like in most video players, you know the slider? It did run okay in IE and Firefox.

       I saw the one on code snippets and started browsing the help files for more information on downloading them but it just gave me the run around. More on this would be cool because you use a screen cam not that I minded looking at Lisa. lol

    VOE(Visual Objects Environment) de KB9AGT signing off.Smiley

    P.S. I cannot run IIS on XP Home Edition.[C]
  • Lisa Feigenbaum - Code Snippets in Visual Studio

    :OC:\Documents and Settings\Douglas Allen\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\VB\codesnippets\codesnippets\DRAT.WAV


    My.Computer.Audio.Play("C:\Documents and Settings\Douglas Allen\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\VB\codesnippets\codesnippets\ringout.wav", AudioPlayMode.WaitToComplete)

    [6]wow, I didn't no these were there even. TNX Lisa.

    I need help using resources and getting the files to go with my projects when I deploy or should I say "publish" them. Even some samples like the card game do the same thing. I get an error when I publish it. resx on man.

    Just one more comment: It would be great if most of these would use a screen cam like the screencasts and the learning videos. Not that I mind looking at Lisa of course.

  • Exploring the Data Source Window

    What in the world does one have to do to get Updates to work when we click the floppy icon in a docked grid view? I used the help in VB.NET
    VS2005 Express Edition. I found three lines of code there but all I get is an exception error if I don't use the try catch methods.

    Me.Validate()  "is ok"
    Me.MytableBindingSource.EndEdit()  "is ok"

    the last one throws the exception.

    I appears there is no easy way to get a grid view to update.

    This has been my problem for most data applications. Most folks lead us to believe that is so easy to work. Sure I can make my own tables and get them bound as my data source. And I can go look at these sweet examples all day. But when it comes to doing something usefull like saving my own data it gets very grey.

       So! What I am asking is a short and sweet way to make updates using queries for a database. Perhaps I should get into a book on T-SQL.

    Update:  Okay! Now I find it will work if I am sure to use a numeric key.
    Wow, pretty cool. I built a grid view for my friend to put his class schedule in and whatever else he would like to such as teachers contact info and due dates. The first header is Day and all the rest are Period numbers.