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Vipul S. Chawathe

Vipul S. Chawathe VSChawathe Vipul

Niner since 2012

Male, Uran native with Nashik hometown & millennial by birth.

  • Defrag Tools #142 - Raymond Chen - Old New Thing

    Myth busted! He is real!

  • Defrag Tools #141 - Larry Osterman - API Contracts

    It should be API commitments, as with Desktop APIs commitment, Band APIs commitment, devicefamily API commitment, .., Universal API commitment. It also clears up that as an app dev I should let Larry worry over any concerns with it as it's on the platform side of things.. :)

    Except for Firefox devs, if anyone else cooks up things resembling JavaScript then they fail to get traction. ECMAscript implementations are headed toward LLVM/Vulkan like bytecode execution, without any effort to converge Parrot VM with it. So much ABI fragmentation..

    How about using Band SDK from C++, without .net languages? Instead of C++/CX's -> operator, Kenny Kerr's moderncpp seems to be using . operator. C++ is good, projections need rework. So many topics worth hearing Larry's ponderings over.. Hope his time commitments work favoring us.

  • App Development with Cortana

    wow. I remember the MS SAPI SDK that allowed working with the COM based speech recognition for MS Office and had other compatible engines like Dragon Naturally speaking.. I had used SAPI4 SDK with .net beta SDK in the 2002-2003 academic year for my diploma project Voice Commands Service. To showoff my technical prowess, at the broadest level I had shown Win32 API, .net (it was the newest buzz back then), and COM (for SAPI) working together. There was a Windows Service template in the .net SDK that I used alongwith COM interop based on samples, to launch another process on the interactive desktop. The idea was to make the Windows shell appear to "listen" for Start Menu items like Search and Accessories like notepad, paint and launch them by ShellExecuteEx.

    The caveats were:

    1. The Accessories were launched with System account as I would get kinda lost figuring out how interactive desktop could be serviced with correct user account and
    2. On restarting the service I'd have 2 instances of the listener process, as I never finished with the kill the previous listener part.

    I was unsatisfied but I had to study other coursework, and it did more than suffice for diploma and in some ways underappreciated..

    I am glad multimodal interactions are becoming mainstream finally.

  • GoingNative 38: The future of C++[17] - Updates from Lenexa

    @gha11: As the update announcements to the library are in fragments, they get disorganized in all other work. The progress done should be contained by narrative of single episode. A "Hello World" with XAML data-binding from VS Blend designer with moderncpp codebehind instead of CX one should be the concluding demo.

  • What's New in C# 6

    @rogreen I wish for XAML with C++ demo using actual Visual Studio designer tool instead of code-behind as cited in the link.

  • GoingNative 38: The future of C++[17] - Updates from Lenexa

    As native store apps developer, I wish for an episode covering XAML + modern cpp with demo.

  • Defrag Tools #127 - Internet Explorer F12 Developer Tools - Part 2

    http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/ebooks#9780735695665 should get something for F12 tools as well.

  • Historical Debugging with IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2015

    SKUs are such an aging model now that we've got in-app purchases and trials happening..

  • Bing Developer Assistant Update

    What was the giggling at 10:02 about?

  • User Interfaces in WPF

    @rogreen: I viewed the mid quality mp4 available to download. Now that I've noticed it once, its harder to pinpoint when it stood out in the first place, as then onward I remained conscious of its presence throughout.. Maybe some trial software left behind some codec on my laptop, or its just my contrast setting, I really haven't checked on another monitor.

    You may want to examine 6:45 into the video when you say "So one question before we move on is this type of stuff .." when you, my guess is, momentarily shift gaze to switch from the screencast.

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