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  • Snapshot debugging and profiling in Microsoft Azure: Next generation diagnostics for your in-​production cloud apps

    I am evaluating moving some of our operations to Azure.  The primary reason is for high up time  


    But this feature has me super excited. I hope I get approved for the private beta so I can try it out!

  • SQL Server 2016 Row Level Security

    I agree with BradCathey.  I cannot allow my users to have a login to my server or database.  Because then any of them can connect directly and bypass the logic in the middle (services) tier.

    So I end up with a "service user" that can do any read write action on the Database.  And then my middle tier handles the security.

    It would be nice if there was a way to get this closer to the database.

  • What's new for WPF Developers

    I appreciate that at least there was a WPF session.

    I suppose that is better than I expected.  Nearly everything out of Microsoft has XAML = Windows 8 RT or Windows Phone development.

    Still, I was disappointed that there was nothing new.

    I have to admit that I don't get it.  Microsoft is a HUGE company.  They really can't afford to put 20 people on WPF and just keep updating it with fixes and features? 

    WPF is the current way to develop .net for the desktop.  Why is it so lacking in resources?

  • Edge Show 57: Windows 8 Enterprise Applications

    Sooooo.... If I am just a normal development shop I have two options.  Pay $$$ to get a side load key for Windows 8, or just keep using Windows 7.

    Hmmmm, wonder which one my company will choose? 

    Really, whose bright idea was it to penalize companies like this?  Microsoft is basically saying, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 8.  If you do you will be punished! 

    We will make you pay!

  • ANX.​Framework (ANX's not XNA... but kind of)

    How does this compare to MonoGame? The seem to be the same at first glance.
  • Windows Phone Minute : Groups

    This looks nice, but it does not really work.

    Here is an example that shows why. (Me texting my brothers, David and Nate):

    Me to David and Nate: Can we all meet for lunch tomorrow @ 12:00?

    David responds to everyone: I can do it at 11:30 does that work for everyone?

    Me to David: Sounds good

    Nate to David and Me: Vaccano, can you do that?

    The problem here is that Windows Phone sends responses to group messages as a direct message.  So to keep up a group conversation, I have to constantly switch screens between my Group responses and the individual responses of those I am talking to.

    I hate to say this, but my iPhone could keep a group conversations all in the same screen/thread.

  • Windows Phone 8: Native C/C++ Game Development

    This video mentions 2d development stuff.  It would be nice to see a link added for that (I could not find it).