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  • Part 31: Detecting Trial Versions

    Did you notice JohnMarsing's comment about the <IsTrial> issue.  In our screens only the ABOUT has a darker background.  The wording for "Contso Cookbook" and "Trial Version" are black text on white background.  The button is not shown but if I click where the button is, the button text turns black while I depress the button and disappears again when I release.  I reviewed the video several times and never did see where you code was different than mine that would cause this, but this will not stop me from moving forward.  Maybe you also address this in later.  Thanks

  • Part 15: Implementing Type Converters

    I'm not sure what it was but only this far along, I deleted the solution and started over.  It worked the second time. The one thing I'd say is I can't click on COPY CODE on the web page.  I have to highlight the data, right click and get it.  Maybe I picked up an invisible internet character somehow?  I'm back on track and eager to get through this.

  • Part 15: Implementing Type Converters

    I'm stuck.  ItemDetailPage.xaml line 85, the part you  deleted to see what would happen is BLUE LINED and I can't get it to go away.  I'll try a reboot and if that does not work I'll be giving you tons of detail on what I've tried so far.  Thanks for the class.