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  • Alex Kipman - Inside a MS Build Bug Triage meeting

    As a tester who's life's work is basically shredded before his very eyes on an almost daily basis* by a triage team, I find that for the most part, the whole process of triage is one of those things that is usually best left to the imagination, kind of like sausage making.

    *Note:  This doesn't actually happen... Usually.

  • Zoe Goldring and Gretchen Ledgard - Riding the Recruiting Shuttle

    rasx wrote:
    A building where everyone gets a window office! Can't beat that!

    Not exactly.  those buildings have pretty much an equal number of inside and outside offices.  I spent a year in building 10, and my desk was a test bench in one of the labs.  Guess they need somewhere to put the grunts...

    Even after having worked in that area for some time, I would still get lost in the 1-10 buildings.  I can pretty much find my way to the building 4 cafeteria and Lake Bill, but beyond that, I'm pretty much lost hopelessly.