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Hey i'm Vijay. I'm in Bangalore, India working for a good company at their software division. I'm an engineer out of college directly into the company and so far in the past two years, i've been working on .NET completely !

Once upon a time, when i had not known what computers could really do, with my basic math skills, i was trying to create the ever ubiquitous bouncing ball program in BASIC .. Games, oh yeah thats what i was interested in !!! And my God it worked too ... How cool huh .. Thats precisely what i thought and decided to code, to create graphical sprites that could animate and jumble, blend in the background and to improve the way i wrote them too ..

Then came college and guess what ?! Computers everywhere ... Learnt 'C' like a maniac and with all kinds of pointers and obfuscated code buzzing around my head, i passed on 2 years .. Then came my love for C++... There was something more beautiful in this paradigm, something natural, something very physic


  • Kam Vedbrat - What influenced the visual design of Longhorn?

    Kam definitely a superb video ! But what was more interesting IMHO was that the way you guys approached the problem ! Not only is it cool that the whole thing was reverse engineered from the normal usability survey but also it was stupendous effort to pick things from a box and find out the exact properties that the words specify !

    It would be great if you can talk more on this and tell us in detail on exactly what kind of keywords were chosen to decide the exact feel of LH ! Also, if you can explain where these attributes had impacted the way LH was built using some of the old Aero screenshots and LH pictures, then nothing like it Smiley

    PS : hmm just a thought. If only for every design we could do something like this, if only our very perceivable world can be replicated in computers, it would give something infinitely similar and smaller like what the Matrix abstraction showed !