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Niner since 2004

Hey i'm Vijay. I'm in Bangalore, India working for a good company at their software division. I'm an engineer out of college directly into the company and so far in the past two years, i've been working on .NET completely !

Once upon a time, when i had not known what computers could really do, with my basic math skills, i was trying to create the ever ubiquitous bouncing ball program in BASIC .. Games, oh yeah thats what i was interested in !!! And my God it worked too ... How cool huh .. Thats precisely what i thought and decided to code, to create graphical sprites that could animate and jumble, blend in the background and to improve the way i wrote them too ..

Then came college and guess what ?! Computers everywhere ... Learnt 'C' like a maniac and with all kinds of pointers and obfuscated code buzzing around my head, i passed on 2 years .. Then came my love for C++... There was something more beautiful in this paradigm, something natural, something very physic