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  • Tim Sneath - Inside Windows Vista Printing

    I am not seeing any performance improvements with XPSDrv driver.

    As compared to my legacy drivers(PS3 / PCL6), performance is no way better. For e.g., for a 700 KB MS word document with some graphics and text in it,-

    1. My legacy driver renders the data much faster. Some 500 % faster than XPSDrv drivers(that uses MXDWDRV.dll as rendering module)

    2. Output file is some 77MB with XPSDrv, 20MB with my PS3 / PCL6 drivers.  One more time, this 77MB is direct output from MXDWDRV.DLL!

    So as of now I dont see any improvements but degrades as compared to my regular PS3/ PCL6 drivers. Sad