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  • Andrew Nurse: Inside "Razor"

    You can actually use some of the elements in IE 8 and earlier if you create the elements with JavaScript.


    For example:




    If you add that you can use CSS for the section element in IE 8, which you couldn´t before. You can also add a reference to Modernizr which makes it automatically (I use Modernizr on my own webpage to make it possible to view it in IE 8):


  • Andrew Nurse: Inside "Razor"

    You have <text> to write text without prnting elements, why not have html for HtmlString?


    Example with Text:

    @for (int i = 0 ; i < 5 ; i++) { <text>i = @i</text> }


    Example with Html:

    @for (int i = 0 ; i < 5 ; i++) { <html>i = <b>@i</b></html> }

  • Andrew Nurse: Inside "Razor"

    The test variable is HTML encoded since you have a @ before using it.


    Header, section, article etc are new HTML5 elements. You can read more about the new elements here:


  • Andrew Nurse: Inside "Razor"

    Actually HTML5 supports both HTML and XHTML syntax. There is one important change since XHTML 1.1 though.


    When using XHTML 1.1 you should use application/xhtml+xml as MIME Type, but when using HTML5 with XHTML syntax you must use application/xhtml+xml.


    That is a problem since pre-IE9 don´t support application/xhtml+xml. If you try to open it in IE 8 the browser asks you to download the file instead of displaying it in the browser. Because of this I use the "wrong" mime type at the moment at my personal site.


    For my personal site which I´m building at the moment, I use HTML5 with XHTML syntax (view the source to se what´s new):



    Since IE 8 doesn´t support CSS 3, you should use IE 9 to view it. Smiley



    I get Service Unavailable at the moment though.. Will take a look at it.


    /edit 2

    Uploaded to new hosting:


  • Kam Vedbrat - Looking at Windows Vista's user interface (AERO)

    Wow.. This is totally amazing. :O:P[H]
  • Shishir Mehrotra - WinFS beta 1 team meeting

    Finally WinFS is released, never thought this would happen. Smiley

    I have some questions that I would appreciate if someone could answer:

    1) How and where are all the relations, keywords etc saved? I couldn´t get that into my head while watching the video.

    2) How do the WinFS get all the mails and stuff? Do I have to copy every mail ino the WinFS Store? Sounds a little bit complicated..

    3) Do I have to set all the relations manually? How does WinFS know which document is created by which user?

    4) Do I have to create all profiles by my own, or are they created automatically when I get a document/mail/image/another file by someone?

    5) Is it possible to share the profiles so if I update my own profile, everyone who uses it will get the latest information?


    Mikael Söderström