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  • Italia 9: Mauro Ottaviani e Performance

    Ma che notizia grandiosa! Ora lo guardo...
  • Windows Home Server

    I do have a question about the way WHS ensures reliability of data. In the video you say it doens't actually use a raid, but something easier. The question is... how much space doesn't it use for redundancy? Does it waste half the space, or it is smarter like a raid5? I think this is a very important issue, that can bring real geeks to use WHS instead of building a NAS by themselves.

  • Tech Ed 2006: Meet the Imagine Cup 2006 1st Place team - Team Italy

    Grandi ragazzi,

    il vostro lavoro รจ davvero spettacolare... anche grazie alla tecnologia Microsoft. Wink
    Sono uno studente del Politecnico di Milano e faccio il tifo per voi!
    Your job is really spectacular... thanks also to Microsoft technology.
    I'm a Polytechnic of Milan student and I'm a your fan!