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  • Cloud Cover Episode 21 - Your Questions Answered

    Thank you for the answers!


    It's actually much clearer now that you tied in the fact that config settings are runtime-editable, the management is way smarter with different subscribtions & the usage of staging for swapping purposes mostly.




  • Cloud Cover Episode 18 - ASP.NET Providers




    Great show guys, very informative and quirky!


    You invited us to provide topics that interest us, well here is one.


    A topic I would like you to cover is the "environments".  By that I mean "dev", "Staging" & "Production".  For instance, can we have more environments than those three (e.g. UAT), what is carried around from one environment to the other, what is isolated (e.g. storage?), how to manage configuration transition (e.g. connection string SQL Server in dev, SQL Azure in staging & prod) and how could you manage "secrets" (e.g. if I don't want my developers to have access to the login / password of a write-account in SQL Azure Production)?


    Otherwise, Steve mentionned the storage in production isn't based on SQL Server in production (as opposed to the dev fabric).  I'm curious about how the actual implementation looks like.  Is there any article around that give us an idea of how it's built in production?






  • A chat with Sara Ford - CodePlex turns 3, reaches 10,000 projects



    I work with CodePlex and the thing amazes me is the integration between TFS (I guess it's TFS behind), Visual Studio and the web portal.


    I was wondering if Microsoft was considering to do a Cloud Service, something like a "TFS Service" or a "CodePlex Service" where we could have the equivalent of a CodePlexe portal but in a more private fashion, in order to host private development project.


    Is that something being talked about at the moment?