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Vinícius Souza

Vinícius Souza Vinicius_​Souza Developer Evangelist

Niner since 2012

Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, work with development since 2000 with differents kind of languages.

Now a days I'm focusing in Azure, web development, Microsoft Edge, IoT and Startups.

I also have passion for Radio Control Cars 1/8 offroad, Real Cars 1/1, Technology and GAMES!


  • Microsoft e a Web Moderna - Legendado
  • Microsoft Edge - Video 3 - Novas experiencias para o usuário
  • Microsoft Edge - Video 2 - HTML e a Engine EdgeHTML
  • Microsoft Edge - Video 1 - HTML5 e JavaScript (Chakra)
  • Saiba como testar a compatibilidade do seu site para a Web Moderna
  • Windows 10 - Especialistas falam sobre a nova Store de Apps
  • Big Data com HDInsights
  • Importando os dados para o Office
  • Big Data - SQL, Hadoop e Exemplo pratico
  • Big Data - Overview

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