Hi All,

I am trying to make Shell as UserControl in WPF Composite application. I Started by modifying the Quickstart app: "Quickstarts\UI Composition\ViewDiscovery". I made "UIComposition.Desktop.csproj" a UserControl class library with Shell.xaml as UserControl. Created another WPFApplication to host the Shell. Added the following code in App.xaml.cs:

protected override void OnStartup(StartupEventArgs e)
Bootstrapper bootStrapper = new Bootstrapper();
// Get ShellContainer from IOC
IUnityContainer container = bootStrapper.Container;
var shellElement = container.Resolve<Shell>();
ShellContainer win = new ShellContainer();
// Add the ShellContainer UserControl to the main window

The form shows up with the shell but when I click on the employee it doesn't show the details view. Please help!!! If any body has tried this.
Thanks & Regards,