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Vishal Joshi

  • Overview of the new Azure Portal with Vishal Joshi

    @Rob:Thanks Rob.

  • Overview of the new Azure Portal with Vishal Joshi

    @RichardAlan: We are going to continue working on making the portal touch and mobile friendly.  It works on touch, not so well on mobile but that certainly on the roadmap.  Thanks so much for the feedback. 

  • Overview of the new Azure Portal with Vishal Joshi

    1) When is new version of "Start Board" & "Hanselminutes" (like) planned for PUBLIC use/preview? - It is already available.  you can go to http://portal.azure.com and create your own.  If you face any difficulty let us know.
    2) Will these be FREE to all users or they will be paid-subscription(s)  - It is free to all users.  You need subscriptions to create new services like website, db etc, but there are free trial subscriptions available too
    3) Within "Browse" option on left, why "SQL Server" & "MySQL Databases" are categorized into two and not one as "Databases" - Currently they are provided by two different partners.  SQL Server is from Microsoft and MySQL is from ClearDB.  Each owner gets their own item in the browse list but eventually we will work on grouping these once the list gets longer.
    4) Vishal Joshi - At 12:30 you said you created a video. Can you please URL to that Video? - http://aka.ms/azurepreview
    5) If I PIN all $ tiles on "Start Board", can I group them such that I can have multiple groups?
       Money Groups - Tiles to list all Money
       Error Logs   - Tiles to list all ERROR Logs and messgaes

    -Eventually yes we are going to build startboard groups which will allow you to do so but currently it is not doable.

  • WebMatrix: uber geek in designer clothes

    Hi Dave,

        Could you send me an email at Vishal.Joshi@Microsoft.com and we can try to have a further discussion on the exact scenario and where there might be some information around it.

    Thanks, Vishal

  • WebMatrix: uber geek in designer clothes

    Hi robertd, I am sorry you are having trouble with my accent, honestly I have not heard the accent feedback before but I am really happy to rectify anything that you think might help. Could you please send me an email at vishal.joshi@Microsoft.com on the portions which you found unclear. Also I am open to a phone chat at 425-705-2031 if you like. Hi Jan/Ben, Thanks for the kind words, we also received several emails and feedback from attendees that they love the talk and WebMatrix 2. We are all very excited. Btw, all viewers should visit http://WebMatrix.com/next, there are free web hosting offers for you there. And in case of any detailed questions everyone is invited to drop me an email or give me a call. Thanks, Vishal