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  • Arduino for Visual Studio 2015 [Beta]

    If you are using the Arduino debugger then try the new chart drawing breakpoint syntax:-

    {@Plot.GregsGraphs.Sensor1 analogRead(A0)}

    {@Plot.GregsGraphs.Sensor2 analogRead(A1)}

    The syntax above plots two graphs for Arduino analog pins 0 and 1 into a new VS 2015 tool window called "GregsGraphs". Each plot is given the label Sensor0 or Sensor1

    Below we can see the "Motors" tool window is created in a similar manner. 

    Represent micro-controller expressions and variables using the Visual Micro chart Visualization. All visualizations are open source and easy to extend or create new ones


    Note it is also possible to specify chart colors

  • The Things of the Internet of Things

    Thanks for a great overview! I hope we see more about Arduino in the future. Microsoft's Visual Studio and also Atmel Studio combined with Arduino makes a really fast and fun combination.

    Read more visual micro

  • Arduino 1.x for Visual Studio 2012 [and still 2010 and 2008]

    @tbarat: Sorry we missed your question. Greg is right, it is better to join the forum for questions and help because we do not get automated notifications of questions for this page.

    To answer the question (I think):

    The plugin does not use Visual Studio "New Project" templates.

    Please look for the "File>Add>New Arduino Project" menu item. Alternatively if you right click the "Solution Explorer" the "Add" menu also allows you to add a new "Arduino Project".

    See the wiki for more help

  • Arduino 1.x for Visual Studio 2012 [and still 2010 and 2008]

    @snow biker:


    For compile and upload, the plugin uses the standard options you would use to start a windows program in Visual Studio. For example: Debug>Start or F5 or click the little green arrow on the tool bar

    For compile without upload, all of the "Project>Build" options work. 

    Please do join the forum on I don't get automatic email notifications when people comment on microsoft blogs so might not respond for a long time Smiley 



  • Visual Studio 2008/2010 and Arduino? Yep!

    New Release Arduino 1.0 for Visual Studio. The latest version is compatible with the new Arduino 1.0 IDE and also with earier Arduino versions. The version also contains a number of useful updates including, for example, enhanced serial tools.

  • Visual Studio 2008/2010 and Arduino? Yep!

    I'm not sure how useful the debug is for arduino chips because the correct fuses are not set on the arduino programming port. Avr studio isn't aware of arduino libraries or boards so there will be a lot of hunting for information and config for each project. Compile of arduino sketches that contain multiple .pde files isn't straight forward and avr studio will not cater for this. 

    If anyone would like to extend avr studio 5 to include arduino functionality then you can use the api from the visual micro system. Please contact info[at] is you would like to create an arduino avr studio 5 extension

  • Visual Studio 2008/2010 and Arduino? Yep!

    but if you are thinking of doing any professional web development you can get Visual Studio 2010 Professional free for 3 years

  • Visual Studio 2008/2010 and Arduino? Yep!

    Great post thanks. Tips...

    1) The addin also provides a useful feature for people who develop arduino libraries and /or board cores. The "Project" menu has an option called "Show All Arduino Files". The option toggles all c/cpp/h sources of active libraries and core in/out of the Visual Studio Solution/Project Explorer.

    This allows these normally hidden sources to be available inside the object browser and to be viewed/edited/navigated.

    2) The Arduino compiler in Visual Studio is optimized using source file date/time stamps. This makes the Visual Studio compile much faster than using the Arduino IDE.

    Very useful for large projects and works well with point 1) above, ensuring a fast intelligent compilation of just the sources that have been modified.