Vlad Kolesnikov

Vlad Kolesnikov Vladkol


Niner since 2008

More Personal Computing Evangelist, focusing on human understanding, computer vision, virtual and augmented reality experiences.
Vlad is driving technology partnerships and delivering technical demos for Microsoft's 1st party events like //BUILD. He influences product strategy by channeling and validating feedback from developer ecosystem to the product engineering teams, focusing on More Personal Computing technologies -- Virtual and Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality (HoloLens), Speech Recognition and Synthesis (Cortana), Machine Learning and Computer Vision.
Vlad also supports Microsoft field organization, helping them to scale evangelism worldwide.
He got a lot of coding experience starting in 1999 with C++ for Geographic Information Systems, continuing with C#/.NET and C++ for Windows infrastructure tools, trying Enterprise software design and development as a SharePoint consultant and software architect, and moving to Gaming, Graphics and Computer Vision as a Technology Evangelist. 
A big fan of OpenCV, Cortana and Deep Neural Networks.