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  • Silverlight TV 44: Top Four Questions from the WCF RIA Services Forum

    With windows authentication, can you assign attributes to a method in your domain service like when using forms auth, such as [RequiredRoles("admin")] that then matches to a domain group? Or do you loose these attributes and have to implement your own code checking/exception handling? 


    Oh and i think the show was informative! But you did cover POCO classes a couple of shows ago which i felt could and i felt the time could of been utilised to cover more advanced areas in the topic. What i find alot of the time with these shows, are they are great at explaining the concepts in basic terms, but often real world scenarios arnt as straight forward so things like  highlighting windows auth is a good step forward but i think you need to relate the concepts back to the basic/featuresets and fully dislcose what you gain and what you loose from the framework. 

  • Silverlight TV 18: WCF RIA Services Validation

    Validation is always one of the tasks i dred. This makes things alot more streamlined.. good work.

  • Silverlight TV Episode 2: Perspectives on Flash and Silverlight

    While tooling is one part of the equation, i think another important part would be .NET itself. Silverlight is a peice of the .NET puzzle that simplly put, gives my application more meaning when delivered through the browser. When i develop an N-tir application, and my other tiers are written in .NET there has to be an overwhelming need for a feature that sl does not support to choose that to deliver one of my GUIs in. I can write clean, event driven code with my own framwork of share librarys, my testing is uniform and my deployment is uncomplicated.


    I can understand a web developer whos target audience is dettached group of users may not see these advantages. If your focus is on a standalone shrinkwrapped app for clients then alot of this doesnt matter. But for alot of devleopers who employee .NET in enterprise solutions, you can understand our hesitation before jumping to flash... We see silverlight as an extension of our reach, giving us the ability to express ourselves over the internet, just as we would from the desktop. And this is a massively powerful concept. We have known about flash for years (and ive dabbled in it) but the need has not been there to make a jump from static ASP.NET. Silverlight gives us the perks of flash, without incurring any other overheads...

  • Jason Olson: Composing Programming Languages, F# and OO

    Excellent discussion. Jason, keep up th good work. You motivation is inspirational. heheh.
  • 10-4 Episode 17: F# Intro

    Im guessing F# will help MS be accepted into the academic world a little more. At university our first 6months was dedicated to Haskell and trying to shake off any pre-conceptions about programming we had. Functional programming is an interesting world!

  • 10-4 Episode 14: Sentient DSLs

    lol. So im just going through some 10-4 episodes and decided id like to hear about these things called 'sentient DSLs'. Watching the video, my jaw was dropping, thinking 'u cant be serious'. Well, rick rolled over a month later. Nice work Smiley
  • 10-4 Episode 16: Windows Workflow 4

    Well presented, but i agree, lacked content.