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  • Questions regarding "Web pages" vs "Web forms" vs "MVC"

    Then I shall disturb you with lots of questions because I am "moving" to ASP.NET. *lol*


  • Questions regarding "Web pages" vs "Web forms" vs "MVC"


    I have been looking all over the place for good answers.

    Thank you very much!

  • The Radio

  • The Radio

  • Questions regarding "Web pages" vs "Web forms" vs "MVC"

    I have read the descriptions and features of them in www.asp.net website. Still confused about "Web pages" vs "Web forms" vs "MVC".

    1. Web pages is some kind of "view" sitting on top of MVC?
    2. I see that there is more than one MVC "version", is that the case for "Web forms" as well or is there only "one" "Web forms"?
    3. If I use MVC "version 3", when "version 4" comes out, do I need to rewrite a lot of stuff? I know MVC 4 is not out ( or 5, not sure ) but how was it from version 1&2 into version 3. Lots of change and rewrite to make it "version 3"?
    4. Is MVC just a "way of writing applications" or is it a specially made "tool" so to speak?
    5. Which one of those from the coding side, "looks more like" PHP?
    6. Which one do you personally prefer, and why?

    Sorry if my questions seem rather stupid but I am almost completely ignorant regarding ASP.NET.


  • Future of programming in Windows Server 2012, IIS

    Thank you all for the help.

    @01001011, regarding OS X. My computer "life" is with Microsoft. I will be moving away from Windows "client" to server side "web applications" from now on. If there comes a day where I am forced to leave that due to new lock downs similar to what is happening in the client side of Windows, well, I will not switch to OS X but I will change profession and leave the computer industry.

    Nothing but personal feeling about OS X, I have never "felt at home in a Mac".

  • Future of programming in Windows Server 2012, IIS

    , DeathByVisualStudio wrote

    There's nothing like a Lite Beer...


  • Future of programming in Windows Server 2012, IIS

    Please DO correct me if I am misinformed but so far this is what I know to be true in Windows 8:

    • Desktop is legacy.
    • .NET is legacy.
    • In order to not use a legacy technology, WinRT is the way to go.
    • All WinRT applications must be sold from Windows Marketplace.

    Because the above seems to be the case, I plan to no longer develop for Windows "client".

    The only option I currently seem to have without changing profession is to "move to server side" and making "web applications" in order to be able to sell directly to my customers or share applications privately.

    My question is if any of you know how things will be on the server side regarding IIS and .NET?

    I'm a little confused regarding .NET and its future. Will there be some kind of "server side WinRT" for IIS or is .NET the way to go for another 10 years over there?

    Thank you

  • The Windows 8 challenge

    , AndyC wrote


    Eh? The desktop version of mstsc is unchanged and the Taskbar still has hover previews, so what exactly wouldn't you be able to do?

    I have been unable to try the CP for now. I stand corrected in that case then. I was misinformed about the RDP client. The other issues remain, however.

  • The Windows 8 challenge

    With the desktop all of your running apps are always displayed in the taskbar, readily accessible, in addition to being able to see them on screen all at once. In metro with all of the apps full-screen if you launch one app from another (say a picture viewer from an image in news in the contacts app) getting back to the original app from whence you came is not straight forward. Also closing an app via <ALT><F4> is just adding another set of keys for users to hate (akin to <CTRL><ALT><DEL>). Ridiculous!

    It's pretty clear that despite Microsoft's "efforts" to make metro mouse & keyboard friendly it certainly isn't. It's pretty clear that metro apps will contain a lot of horizontal scrolling and even that sucks hard with a mouse. IMO, their keyboard + mouse support is all part of their "thousand little cuts" strategy.

    I have lots of RDP windows open all the time. When mimizing an RDP window, you will no longer see the change in its screens if you hover the mouse for the preview thumb, so I never minimize them. I just move my mouse on taskbar and in less than a second I see if anything changed in any of my RDP screens.

    This won't be possible in Windows 8. I'm speechless.

    Only this one issue makes me not being able to use Windows 8. What the heck! Sad

    I'm in metro and want to see the time on a desktop with keyboard + mouse only. How the f do I see the time? It was always on the desktop readily available at a glance. Now I get it by mouse hovering in the lower right corner to bring up the charms bar and then moving the mouse into the chars space to bring up the clock. Now I'm sure there are one or two shortcut keys that would make this easier but even then we're moving away from "at a glance" to "memorizing shortcut keys." What a pile...

    Not even the clock is showing?

    Wow, just wow.

    As I have stated in my other replies here, it seems that Windows 8 is a "cable TV" device where you switch channels. No longer "your" personal computer to use it the way YOU want.

    I'm a Microsoft "fanboy". I even liked Vista and never had any issues with it. I am used to change and am able to adapt. That being said, Windows 8 is a disaster.