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  • Google: Minor annoyance is annoying.

    I am glad I connected my domain to Google Apps and not using Gmail as my main email address. I will be moving my stuff to Office 365 very soon. Worth every buck!

  • Making money with metro apps


    See this: http://davidburela.wordpress.com/2011/09/14/build-keynote-day-1metro-experience-with-jupiter-xaml-and-html5js/

    As he points out here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2012/feb/17/winrt-windows-8-microsoft-programming

    For one, he sais .NET is kind'a "dead"? I'm confused.

    Secondly, as you can see, there is no way to write a WinRT application without "Metro". Being Metro applications are locked down with 30% profit cut and marketplace lock-in:

    1. Desktop is legacy.
    2. Metro applications are the future.
    3. Metro applications are written in WinRT.


    1. All future applications are WinRT.
    2. All future applications are locked in and 30% cut off profit.
    3. All future applications are no longer sellable by Business->Customer.
      It will be Business->Microsoft->Customer.

    A total lock down.

    Please tell me what other conclusion we can draw here and more importantly, HOW?

  • Making money with metro apps

    Well, because "regular applications" are now considered "legacy", it means that WinRT is the "future".

    Not only they want 30% of your profit, they also want to dictate what will be "on your cable TV device", oh I mean "your" "PC": http://channel9.msdn.com/Forums/Coffeehouse/Windows-8-I-am-truely-worried-and-I-need-answers

    As I stated in my thread there, developers should not try to work with it.

    In my humble opinion, developers must not support this at all.

    You will no longer be able to sell "your" application on your own website separately or hand it out privately between you and your customers. IT IS LEADING TO A TOTAL LOCK DOWN.

    Worrisome and scary is the deafening silence about this issue all around the media and news websites. Not even "ars technica" speaks of it. Conspiracy?

    The only thing we as the "litttle guys" can do is to NOT participate in this.

    It is beyond my belief and of utmost concern and absolute horror that I watch this unfold.

    Microsoft, thus far you shall come, but no farther. ( I really mean it. )

  • Windows 8: I am truely worried and I need answers.

    Although I stated that I did not tried Windows 8 beta yet... my questions are still fully valid and justified. Trying out the beta does nothing to clear my concerns.

    Someone said "Turned off immediately with a post that starts...". You posted a reply to just tell me that? That is kind of weird and hardly scientific or logical, to not even read the post before forming any kind of impression/opinion regarding the contents of it.

    Clearly are my worries and questions not that much related to testing the beta and testing the beta obviously does not answer my questions. People who HAVE tested the beta still have the same questions and concerns as I do.

    Worrisome it is when people say things like "Do not worry, you can still write legacy applications.". You don't say? I never asked if I would be able to write "legacy" applications and that was not part of my questions but because Microsoft stated WinRT is the future, sticking with "legacy application" is not a viable solution for an evolving business.

    I was going to say, no heart feelings here but I must admit that I expected more than "try the beta" from Channel9 but I chose not to say it.


    The only clarity I can find so far is that nothing is clear and it seems that no one here knows the answer to these concerns or is able to address them, however.

    Thank you everyone for your time.


  • Windows 8: I am truely worried and I need answers.

    Hello everyone,

    I haven't tried out Windows 8 Beta yet but from the stuff I read it seems that "regular applications" are now considered "legacy" and we eventually MUST deply ALL future applications written in WinRT through Windows Marketplace.

    My questions are the following, if you can please address and answer these questions, it would be much appreciated:

    1. If I got a business application in need of a quick and rapid critical update, how will the marketplace handle this? Waiting 24 hours or 1 week is not acceptable.
    2. Private applications shared between friends or inside a small business where there are only client PCs and no server... how do you deploy a WinRT application in such a scenario if you do not wish to use the Windows marketplace in order to keep the application private?
    3. Private applications for scientific research shared between colleagues where is it unacceptable to be published anywhere near "public" places such as Windows marketplace without being forced to buy a Windows server and deploy it from that?
    4. Not wanting to give up 30% (1/3) one third of your profit?

    From my understanding so far, Microsoft wants to take the role of the current book publishers where you "basically" cannot sell your application unless paying Microsoft 30% and also giving them a large control over your business.

    If there is no way to deply WinRT applications without the use of this Orwellian "Marketplace" where it actually is not a marketplace at all or without needing to have a special Windows Server in place, it is a highly worrisome situation where "your PC" is no longer yours. It takes the role of a cable TV device.

    Does the above mean that Microsoft is no longer offering an operating system but a locked down "phone"/"point of sale"-system where "your PC" is now a cable TV device where they dictate what channels will be on? ...and on top of the licensing fees, they now forcibly take 30% of your profit?

    Why should we develop for WinRT if the above are true and the case? I see no reason in continued investment in Windows in that case eventhough I am a huge fan of Windows, despite what people say, due to Windows' openness and the great development experience it offers I am a huge fan of it.

    The issues above is highly critical for me and my business and they show a complete change of the entire PC-industry in that case.

    I am by no means a fan of other operating systems but since the above is a highly worrisome situation, I am truely concerned and worried.

    If the above is true, it means that Windows 8 and forward is no longer a viable development platform unless of course you need a weather "app" or "angry birds".

    The second where Microsoft ( or any other corporation ) starts jailing in the free movement of applications, the second you need to "jailbreak" or "hack" a device... the device is no longer "yours". "jailbreaking" is not an option because it inherently still supports this behaviour due to continued use of the "jailed operating system".

    I have no interest in renting a device. That is why I joined the PC-industry. It's mine and I feel free in it. If above is true, it means that the PC-industry as we knew it does no longer exist and people like me need to move on to other fields of business.

    Please bear in mind that the above is only questions which I need to have answer for. I by no mean want to nag on Microsoft or try to change their decision.

    The only real "action" I as an individual can take is to quit the development field, which I absolutely will do if all the above is true. Not a penny or a minute more will there be put on new development for Windows and WinRT from us is above is the case.

    Half disclosure without revealing who I am:
    Currenly I have roughly 4000 business users for my application.

    The line on the sand has already been drawn and very sadly, it is seems that the time is getting very close to say: Thus far you shall come, but no farther.

    Thank you for your time,