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Willem Meints WillemM
  • When was you last BSOD?

    Mine was 3 weeks ago. A dying networkadapter caused windows 7 to turn over and die on me. Ooh well, the adapter was a few years old so it served me well.

  • Stickers on computers: Y / N   ?

    Nope, don't have stickers on my imac. My PC on the other hand doesn't have them either.

  • .NET 4.0 SDK CTP

    A few days ago I have first touched visual studio 2010 and I'm excited to see where this is going.
    I want to experiment a bit more with the C# 4.0 bits, but there's no separate download for the .NET 4.0 SDK to be found.

    Anyone know if it is available and where I can download it?

  • 2009 is the year of th Linux desktop ...

    I just installed ubuntu on a machine and while it looks great, the startup time is still rather slow.
    It's slower than my vista machine, so no linux for me when it comes to that.

  • win7 multi-touch monitor cost?

    BlackTiger said:
    Sven Groot said:
    "Multi touch" for "full-size" devices is pointless. "For geeks only". It will be less useful even than "Tablet PC". Also manufacturers will do anything (set enormous price tag) to kill it as soon as possible, like they did to "Tablet PC" formfactor.
    @Blacktiger: Man, you must have eaten something really wrong. Please stop thinking in conspiracies and seeing microsoft as the incarnation of evil.

    I think that multitouch devices will be indeed expensive, but the price will drop once they become more widely available. That however depends on how easy multi touch actually is and how bad people want to have such a device.

  • Fable 2 rocks!

    Sven Groot said:
    Man, reading this thread it's like you're all speaking Spanish. I haven't heard of even a single game mentioned in this thread. Wink
    Good to see that some people stay away of lethal things like gaming ;P
    On the other hand, you should try playing one of the games mentioned here. It can be relaxing from time to time Smiley

  • Aliens

    Dovella said:
    turrican said:
    I learned from a secure source (the cousin of an alien) that the aliens coming  in the U.S.  27-28-29  October to See PDC and Windows 7 .
    I also heard that they wanted to kidnap Sinofsky


    Lol Dovella, you should put that sign on your car Tongue Out

  • Fable 2 rocks!

    The subject should say enough!
    Bought it saturday and completed the crusible today. Great game, with loads and loads of possibilities.

    Anyone else bought this game?

  • Updated Microsoft .Net Logo sweetness

    I don't know, it looks modern, but at the same time really weird. The text right from the logo seems to be a little misplaced.
    At least the stylish letter N looks better than the previous logo.

  • .NET FrameWork Named Instance

    This may look like a good solution at first, but think about it:

    Security patches have to be applied to each instance on a machine. This will make maintenance harder if not impossible to perform, with all the security risks involved.

    Everyone is creating his own instance, costing extra harddrive space. Each instance will require its own set of runtime files, costing more diskspace than a single installation.

    The download of your application gets larger. Now people get their .NET installation mostly from windows update, which I think is great, because that way I don't have to deliver it with my application. If you distribute your own instance with your software it will only make your installation harder to deploy, as the installation package gets larger. Moreover, you can get all kinds of problems with the installation of your specific instance that you don't have with a normal .NET installation.

    There is also the problem of the GAC. You could go with a GAC for each instance, but it would require you to register assemblies of third party frameworks in every single available GAC for each instance. You could argue that you don't need most of the stuff that is registered, but I know for a fact that there are a lot of people out there that make use of third party assemblies that are installed in the GAC.
    For example: Enterprise library, install seperately and reuse for several applications.

    There are more problems with this than what it is worth in the end. At least that is my opinion.