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  • Mei-Chin Tsai & Jan Kotas - CoreRT & .NET Native

    Thank you for explaining the tremendous amount of engineering effort done to make .NET (CIL) run on new form of Windows Runtime.  The investment in this infrastructure piece of work allows mortal C# developers to write code in easy to understand language; and all the heavy lifting done by native compilation toolchain. Work as this can only be done by Microsoft; and is good to see teams at Microsoft pushing .NET Applications to run on more platforms... including mobile scenarios; which are battery and CPU constrained... so again, C# developers do not have to think too much about those issues.

    Please continue to invest in infrastructure engineering efforts; solving very difficult problems.

  • Immo Landwerth - Net Standard 2.0

    Agree, Java Swing does indeed looks shitty everywhere...LOL... however, there are better examples to model on... Silverlight (ran on Win & Mac) was built with XAML (style + layout) on top 2D rendering capabilities.  WPF arguably did not use native Win32 or GDI+ on Windows for drawing, but rather vector graphics, again had a rendering surface.
    Ask: Build cross platform 2D rendering surface for .NET Core (an infrastructure piece)... if Microsoft does not have resources for higher level UI widgets/controls... let community or 3rd party UI components partners build UI widgets/controls on top .NET Core cross platform 2D rendering surface.
    Edit: Office team may already have cross platform 2D "know how"... as they had to deal with rendering document/spreadsheet/powerpoint content on Android and iOS
  • Bart De Smet at Techorama 2016

    More Bart!

  • Introduction to R

    F# would have made a more interesting comparison to R... nevertheless, it seems that R statistical libraries can be access from F#...

  • Memory Compression in Windows 10 RTM

    Computers with 8GB or 16GB of RAM... Mehmet do you recommend disabling page file?

  • The Future of the Prism Library

    Value that Prism offers is immense...  far too many developers have constructed "big ball of mud" without any code structure.  Prism provides simple way to apply proven patterns and practices for building extensible, module and maintainable .NET application that can evolve with requirements, and withstand test of time.  Having architectural guidance such as Prism improves image of solutions build in .NET.   Application without necessary code structure look like a product written by struggling amateur.

    Practicing concepts contained in Prism library, help me to build better server side code (modularity, component discovery), and be more effective software developer.  I consider Prism essential part of any professional .NET application developer toolbox!

    Very glad to hear about potential of Regions available on WinRT and Forms.

  • Introduction to API Reviews

    @DanRevell: Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries

  • Cross Platform Development With Xamarin

    @Vimal Upadhyay: in that case, you should go with javascript and notepad for mission critical apps

  • From the Archives: Erik Meijer and Mark Shields - Compiling MSIL to JS

    @Charles: kudos... thanks for opening the vault 😃

    If the project would follow-through... could prove to be offering similar to GWT, but for .NET... was there no appetite for it?

  • From the Archives: Erik Meijer and Mark Shields - Compiling MSIL to JS

    Charles, any reason why this video was held back?

  • After a while you don't see the code anymore... in this Modern WPF Matrix "Rain" control. And more on Modern too...

    WPF is cool...
    XAML is awesome Smiley
    XAML Spy makes it shine.


    A lot of Trading Platforms for Front Office are done in WPF

  • Anders Hejlsberg, Steve Lucco, Luke Hoban: TypeScript 0.9 - Generics and More

    What TypeScript (and other "typed" JavaScript extensions) attempt to do is to add type information, then only be dumb-down to JavaScript IL, then this lost type information re-constructed by browser's parser*.

    Not that it will not do... but it seems like the a lot of effort is expanded both on the transmission and reception via this JavaScript IL medium. CIL seems like more intelligent medium.

    * my understanding is that google's V8 and IE Chaka, need to infer some of the information that was lost "erased" in the wire transmission (while in JavaScript IL format)

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