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I'm a principal researcher at Microsoft Research Redmond and the founding manager of that lab's Research in Software Engineering area.



  • RiSE at the Principles of Programming Languages' 09

    Hi Nicholas,


    After rereading the titles, I realized that they might have sounded too ‘academic’ to you (is that what happened?). All the papers actually tackle fundamental issues about software engineering (although the titles might not convey this on the first look):

    - Do you care about performance estimation: look at "Speed..."

    - Do you care about having correct C programs: look at  Unifying type and property checking..."

    - Do you care how Haskell might look like tomorrow: consider more "Flexible types..."
    - Do you care how we develop and verify multi-threaded programs, then look at "Atomic Actions..." 


    In the future we will try to do a better job at bringing our ideas across.