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  • 10-4 Episode 22: Simplifying Data-Driven Web Applications

    ISTM that it would be nice if the scaffolding could pick up on this stuff from Sql Server. For example, if the field is "Not Null" then the form should default to "[Required]." This would not have the result of making it SS specific, since you would only be supplying a different default, if nothing is specified. This would have the result of it being possible to make an instant app with no programming.


    This was a very useful presentation. Kudos and thanks.

  • TSQL Merge Statement - SQL Server 2008

    That was helpful. That appears to be a feature I will use often. Thanks.

  • Preparing for Silverlight Release Candidate

    I was going to report that your webcast was not responding but I went to full screen and there I saw that it was buffering (slowly). You might want to consider giving some visual indication that you are eventually going to get an image.

    I'm probably going to call you, if I don't get this worked out after this webcast as I have been beating my head aginst this wall for four days with no success.