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XaeroVincent XaeroVincent
  • what is the future of the "Cable Company" in the USA?

    Sure, Netflix-ified services will boom even more and their monthly subscriptions prices will rise as well from demand. My guess is that this will also lead to increased cable internet rates with an increased emphasis on bandwidth caps (like 200-500GB+/m) and overage fees to help compensate for the loss of cable TV subscribers.

  • Deleted


  • Microsoft Edge on Linux

    Ha. I thought I was the only one interested in this.

    It would seem to me that a native version of Edge Browser on Linux and Mac would require re-writing the entire GUI code to a cross-platform toolkit? As of now, it seems Edge is a UWP / Modern application using WinRT APIs.

    That said, it's still possible use Edge Browser on Linux as if it were a native or "wine-style" application with the help of headless and seamless virtualization.

  • What prevents me from installing Linux on a XBox 360?

    Actually, I remember reading about how hackers discovered a loophole in the PS3's "other OS" hypervisor. Xorg developers were able to directly access the RSX graphics hardware and proceed to develop a driver with DRI support.. However, Sony later patched the loophole in a firmware update.


    As W3bbo points out... the latest slim-line PS3 doesn't have the hypervisor any longer. Not only that but so much functionality is stripped from the latest generation PS3--backwards compatability is the big one.


    I have the original 60GB PS3 and its plays my PS2 games like a charm with the integrated emotion engine and other hardware. I could just upgrade the HDD in my original model and it would triumph the latest generation PS3.

  • Linux question

    Like Erisan here, I use Fedora. I use it because its at the forefront of Linux security innovations.




    However, I stick to using the the previous release for stability reasons and for support for the proprietary ATI cataylist drivers. For instance: when Fedora 13 is released I'll be upgrading to Fedora 12.


    If you have an Nvidia card, I'd check out PC-BSD 8 too. The PBI system is much like Windows MSI packages and all the dependencies are self-contained inside the that program's subdirectory within the main "Program" directory, thus there aren't any dependency hassles. It also supports the FreeBSD ports tree in a way that won't mess your installation up.

  • 2009 is the year of th Linux desktop ...

    GoddersUK said:
    CannotResolveSymbol said:
    Wobbly Windows! Big Smile

    I really love those. (That's something that after using Linux make coming back to Windows feel like coming back to the past).
    Linux is a fun toy but it has no chance at overtaking Windows for both reasons Linux and FOSS has no control over.

    I'm creating my own distribution based on a distribution thats been dead since 2002 but I wont be releasing it nor buy servers to host repositories.

  • Most ​Inexperienc​ed President Yet?

    littleguru said:

    @jonathan: I always have the sensation that you behave like a priest; a priest who believes to know the only thruth and that nothing else than that thruth is allowed. Behaviour like that kills discussions and is not very productive.

    @xaero: Yeah. I was only pointing out that experience doesn't guarantee anything.

    Well experience means that a leader can "potentially" make informed decisions but doesn't necessarily mean they will.

    Sarah Palin is well liked in Alaska and her high approval rating there can be attributed by that. She relates well to her people and understands their issues.

    President-elect Obama has little experience and his vice president has had experience at being wrong on important issues and "fabricating facts".

  • Most ​Inexperienc​ed President Yet?

    littleguru said:
    XaeroVincent said:
    It doesn't seem that the "experience" of the former president did help a lot Wink
    Bush was just a poor president. There are bad leaders in history on both parties.

    Jimmy Carter for example.

    Joe Biden has experience but has been wrong many times on foriegn policy, among other things.

  • Most ​Inexperienc​ed President Yet?

    jonathansampson said:
    XaeroVincent said:
    Xaero, you're right - but like I said, speaking DIRECTLY to a supporter of Obama is pointless. It's like arguing with a brick.
    Obama supporters need to be informed and they mostly aren't by obtaining their news from bias sources like Huffington Post.

    Anyway, what I said is just part of it.

    As you stated... he also has little to no experience.

    I can argue that Governor Palin has more experience for the job as she is a governor for Alaska. The only experience Obama really has is "running for president". Heh.

  • Most ​Inexperienc​ed President Yet?

    jonathansampson said:
    Ion Todirel said:
    I don't dispute that - my only problem is that argument is illogical, and potentially dangerous. "Something new" does not mean "Something better." As a matter of fact, when you vote to elect somebody as unqualified as Obama, it has a higher probability of being "something worse." Especially when you've got a decorated military hero, with decades of experience, on the same ballot.

    From my perspective, it appears Obama rallied the ignorant vote of America by getting them to gamble with their freedom. Not a single person has demonstrated why he's the best option. Only the "popular" one, which means absolutely nothing.
    [Bumped for importance]

    Yes... Obama has won but will he have our nations best interest?

    1) He is clearly a socialist by the means of increasing the tax for the rich and spreading their wealth to the poor and middle class via a check.
    2) For years he listened to his anti-American and anti-White religious leader (Jeremaiah Wright) spew hateful messages to his followers.
    3) Increasing taxes on big companies doesn't help the economy but makes goods more expensive or worse, encourages them to outsource or leave our borders entirely.
    4) Obama wants to change the presidential seal graphic that has been in use for over 200 years.
    5) Obama had affiliations with past-terrorist Bill Ayers. Ayers claims responsibility for bombing at the US Capitol and his group, Weather Underground, were responsible for other bombings of government buildings, including New York City Police Headquarters in 1970 and the Pentagon in 1972.
    6) Obama's father was a muslim and raised him as one. Obama no longer claims to be a muslim but there is creditable speculation that he still might be in private, or at least can recite excerpts from the Koran. While muslim faith isn't necessary a bad thing (the religion is mostly pieceful), having a muslim president and covering it up is huge when our nation's founding fathers developed our nation around Christian principles.

    Obama scares the * out of me, period.

    Now, just imagine for a second what the liberal media would of done to McCain had he been accused of ANY of Obama's accusations...