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Xaero_Vincent Xaero_​Vincent Sexy me
  • I just blew my 360! :-)

    Meh... this is why I have a PS3.

    The Xbox 360 is somewhat more powerful but only because it has twice the  RAM and a better memory bus and controller architecture that achieves higher data throughput.

    The 360 also has a slightly better GPU as well. The PS3's graphics controller is just below a GeForce 7800.

    Still, the graphics capability of the PS3 is virtually identical to the Xbox 360 with only a marginal drop in FPS on the PS3.

    While the PS3 is slightly less powerful and doesn't have Halo 3, it does play BluRay movies, have a very high reliability record, a free Interweb browser, free online multiplayer service, and of course is a completely unlocked system (minus the GPU).

  • Piggybank

    A functional USA Dollar version of Jamie's Piggybank mockup application.

    A very simple, graphical personal finance application.

    Features for v1.0:

    * Upto six individual piggybank items
    * Add money to checking account
    * Creation of a checking account
    * Graphical money manuplation
    * Utilizes DirectX 7 for sprites
    * Open, Save, Close options
    * DES password encryption

    Tentative feature set for the next release, v2.0:

    * Add support for U.S cent change ((Maybe))
    * Utilize DirectX 9 for sprites in next release
    * Add U.S.D currency denominations sprites
    * Implement more piggybank item features

    Future release (v3.0 and beyond):

    * Support other currencies (Euro, Peso, Yen, etc.) ?

    License: This software is released under Public Domain with a disclaimer.

    Bugs: There is a window re-drawing issue. When this issue occurs, just drag the window elsewhere on the screen or minimize then restore the window to properly re-paint the background image. I hope to have the re-painting problem largely diminished by the next release.

    Download here or from 4shared link.


  • MS DOS 6.22 Installation Disks

    verilizerz wrote:
    can anybody help me??
    my dos disk missing.. ive been searching for whole day to find my dos file .. where can i get it?? already dl from bootdisk.com but it just the bootdisk.. i want dos 6.22 disk.. the setup one.. please help me.. this is my email.. verilizerz@gmail.com.. until now, i only got boot disk.. not the (3) installer disk.. pleasee..

    1) 21st Century???

    Wasn't 6.22 the DOS bundled with Windows 3.1?

    2) It took me 10 seconds to find a tracker with a MSDOS 6.22 torrent on Google. If your really that desperate there are ways, even if they arent legal.

    Hopefully you wont try to install it because suddenly your 100+ GB HDD is now a 2 GB drive under the Fat 16 filesystem.

  • Apache and IIS

    drhowarddrfine wrote:
    Don't confuse money changing hands with "trust".  Even with large corporations buying Microsoft stuff, which tend to use "safe" technology (Nobody got fired for buying IBM), it's interesting to note that MS still only gets half that market and still only 22% share overall.  And we all know how aggressive MS can be.

    I don't recall if it was NetCraft or not but the numbers are also skewed by just three organizations: Facebook, MySpace and one other (I forgot).  Removing those three companies greatly diminishes IIS usage.

    Yes, MySpace is a huge contributor to IIS's marketshare. I think it serves all the tens of millions of profile web pages.

    Anyway, let this thread die... its only four years old.

  • Anybody running Vista on Leopard Macbook Pro?

    Ray6 wrote:
    MS has also relaxed the licensing rules for installing Vista under virtualisation, so it should be much cheaper to get it up and running on your Mac (this was an excellent move on MS's part by the way).

    Yes, I saw this. Definitely the right move for everyone running different platforms but still interested in virtualization.

    Microsoft also aquired a company that specializes in providing 3D capabilities for VM and TS. Everything we thought we knew about graphics over RDP was wrong.

    So expect full, hardware accelerated Direct3D graphics over terminal services and 3D accelerated virtualized video drivers to become mainstream in MS VM products and it's competitors.

    I cannot wait until these technologies appear in *nix TS and VM solutions. It will literally change everything for users of alternative platforms.

  • KDE 4.1 Release Schedule

    Yeah, I wont be trying KDE until 4.1 at least.

    I believe the Windows port is just the libraries for supporting KDE applications on Windows, while the Mac OS X and OpenSolaris port are the full-environment?

    I think you can get a full KDE experience on Windows but you have to deal with the Win32 Xserver/Cygwin mumbo jumbo.

  • Windows 7 Ideas

    Why do you guys assume Microsoft will alter the UI in 7?

    Vista already introduces a different UI concept from it's predecessors.

    Microsoft can't just go and radically alter the interface every release. End-users, especially buisnesses, expect conformity and a common interface with a minimal learning curve.

  • must have Work apps...

    Paint.NET looks nice and it's also being ported over to Mono, which is cool news for me.

    But if you have Photoshop, just use that and that... it works everywhere too.

  • must have Work apps...

    Photoshop, Firefox, OpenOffice, Super Tux Kart.

    I'll probably also use Microsoft Visual Web Developer and Dreamweaver when I begin working on my personal web site. I'll probably have to pull out some of my books because I forgot some things. Smiley

  • Seamless Windows Terminal Server for Linux

    Update #5: Re-built RPMs against the latest CVS repository, added Greek keymap, and enabled support for smartcards.