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  • Why doesn't Microsoft buy SCO?

    AndyC wrote:
    You're aware that it predates VMWare, right?

    But, regardless of virtualisation or not, it's really, really dumb of Linux to still be defaulting to a display mode that is incredibly slow on most graphics cards (even those of the Win 95 era). That just makes no sense at all.

    It doesn't.

    As long as the video card and driver support 32 bit video mode, Xserver supports 24 bit color with the extra byte to align the color channels to 4 byte increments in memory, which is more efficent and therefore faster.

    Xserver refers both 24 and 32 bit as 24 bit color depth.

    The "xdpyinfo" command provides some information about the color depths supported by Xserver and your video card.

  • Help!  Remote Desktop

    Is disabling DHCP required for remote access outside a LAN a requirement for VNC, SSH, etc as well?

    If so... why? DHCP assigns my IP but it seems like the IP remains static. So if it remained static... shouldn't remote desktop still work?

    I've never tried remote access outside my LAN before. Tongue Out

  • Graphics help wanted

    16x16 ? As in 16 pixels?

    Thats even small for a tray icon.

    I tried cropping it with static width/height measurements but photoshop just downsampled and chopped away so much image data that it and looks pretty bad.

  • Why doesn't Microsoft buy SCO?

    Shining Arcanine wrote:
    The cursor in Ubuntu 7.04 does not work in Virtual PC. Ubuntu 6.10 does not have that problem. It has the 24-bit color issue, but that can easily be worked around. The mouse problem in 7.04 cannot be worked around.

    As for why Virtual PC, it is free, it supports hardware virtualization and it is readily avaliable. I would really like to use a Virtual Machine that has all of that with SMP support as well.

    According to Wikipedia, Virtual PC 2007 doesn't support SMP and uses regular virtualization. Xen and VMWare support SMP, paravirtualization and/or hardware virtualization (CPU kind). I also read that VMWare supports multi-monitors and experimental Direct3D 8 hardware acceleration.

    I personally use Virtualbox and it supports Linux distros just fine with full 24 bit color and a seamless mouse (with guest additons). Virtualbox has a neat RDP server feature, where you can remotely access your virtual machine via terminal services client.

    The mouse issue is at least solvable in Ubuntu 7.10 and other distributions using "-- i8042.noloop".

  • Help!

    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:
    Reinstall Windows.

    Wow... great expert advice. Perplexed

  • Why doesn't Microsoft buy SCO?

    Open source Unix isn't going anywhere. BSD, Darwin, OpenSolaris, and Linux are strong despite laughable marketshare.

    The proprietary Unix cousins are done, though. MacOS X is a hybrid proprietary and open source Unix OS.

  • Why doesn't Microsoft buy SCO?

    Linux does work with VirtualPC.

    You just have change the X video mode to 16-bit color because the VPC emulated graphics card doesn't like true color (can be done from GUI or by editing xorg.conf) and add "-- i8042.noloop" to end of the kernel boot parameter in menu.lst to get the mouse pointer to work.

    Those steps above should take all of thirty seconds.

    Still... why VirtualPC?

    Unlike VirtualPC, there are several of other virtualization products that all have been optimized for a varity of Linux guests.

  • How many broken bones have you had?


    I'm a tech guy.

    I'm rarely intersted in activities that put me at risk for that. I also drink alot of milk and calicium-enriched OJ.

  • Yahoo Messenger for Vista finally launches

    I think there is a thread about this already.

    I did a semi-review of it and concluded that it was "meh".


  • Vista SP1 will neuter WGA

    $500 is a bit steap considering the US dollar and Candian dollar are at realitive parity in terms of exchange rate.