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  • Driver Development and Much More With Mike Calligaro

    That was a great interview! I really enjoyed the casual style. Maybe it's just because I've been studying calc III for 12 hours Expressionless, but it was extremely satisfying to watch.

    I've watched nearly every channel 9 video and have been here since the site started but have never felt the need to leave a comment before now. I just wanted to encourage you to do more videos like this. It had a great mix of interesting personal stories, geek culture, and education, especially since we don't get to hear much from the CE side of the company.

    The first point on the channel 9 doctrine talks about how it is all about the conversation and it is not a marketing tool. Many of the videos on here I feel lean too heavily towards marketing, pure product demonstrations for example, which I can understand and obviously they have their audience on here that want that material which is fine. But this video I felt really exemplified what channel 9 is all about at its core. It put a human face on a part of Microsoft I never knew much about and frankly would never really have any reason to trust if I ever needed to at some point. And it started a conversation which has me thinking about practicing my state diagrams for my comp. arch. exam tomorrow, make that today!

    If you do get a chance to talk to Mike again, or if he reads this comment, it would interesting to hear about the different positions people fill in the CE group. I imagine it would be very different from the roles people play in the software side of things, but I don’t know. And as a CS major leaning more and more to the hardware side of things I think it would interesting to find out what kinds of jobs people do there.

    Sorry for the long reply,