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  • First Look: Windows Phone 7 Series Hands on Demo

    I agree.  It wasn' very clear.  I sure hope its not single threaded.  As far as legacy apps who cares.  I think that making a clean break is the best bet.  With VS2010 silverlight mobile integration you will see a whole slew of apps including mine. lol

  • First Look: Windows Phone 7 Series Hands on Demo

    I don't agree with that.  The early OS failed because technology surpassed the OS.  Example: nobody wants to deal with a stylus anymore.  I love my HD2 and its built on too much OS.  I think that playing Apples game is a mistake.  Build a better OS with features that are easier to get to.  Don't strip out great features only to make it single threaded device.  Learn from HTC because "Made in Taiwan" is no longer something to laugh about.

  • First Look: Windows Phone 7 Series Hands on Demo

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    Let me first start off and say that I love Microsoft and its products so this is not meant to bash.  It's just my weekly rant!

    I just watched a video speaking about Microsoft's new OS WM7. 

    First this new OS works and sounds a lot like HTC sense UI.  I don't see any significant innovative features that will set Microsoft back on top of the Mobile world.  Rather I see a poor attempt to try to stumble through the door of technology evolution. 

    The Mobile platform IS the future of PC!

    The sooner Microsoft shifts gears the better off they will be.  Here is what they should do....

    Create a dual "VIEW" booting OS sell a cradle and allow my dual monitors, keyboard and mouse to interface to the device.  This would give me the flexibility to have my hand held as a phone when out-and-about and when I came back to the office convert to an office PC to interface to my dual monitors.  Two views on the same device.  Sounds like a MVP pattern lol. 

    Apple had the right idea witht the iPad but failed on implementation.  What they should of done is made the iPad brainless so that you could plug your iPhone in to the back and view your apps on a larger screen.  Throw a $99 price tag on it and I am sold!

    Still a Fan 
    I still love Microsoft and will continue to develop in Microsoft technologies but come on guys lets get innovative!

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