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  • Annoying new type of web ad on msnbc

    I agree that when a website is ad supported they deserve to make their money and that won't happen if you block their ads.
    However it is also the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure that their adverts are tried & tested in every major browser and don't break essential functionality.

    Loss of scroll wheel use is seriously taking the biscuit but recently a lot of websites have been breaking this functionality.
    Come on web developers! Get it sorted!

  • Can't connect to wireless networks in Server 2008

    Hi all,
    I recently decided to scrap my project on W2k3 server and start on W2k8 server (with vstudio 2008). Unfortunately I only have my laptop spare for the install, and one of the most important things I use it for is connecting to WLANs.

    Now on Vista the wlan card is fine and when searching for networks a rather huge list always manages to be found. However when on Server 2008 (using same drivers and tried so many others) the card is found, I can search for networks but it finds nothing.

    I recon it's either got to be Server 2008 doesn't connect to WLAN, it creates them OR the programming in the OS isn't finished yet OR the card isn't supported.

    I have looked in the help which I did presume to be rather lacking during the beta, and it just says check the Windows Vista HCL. I haven't done so but the fact my pc was built for vista I presume the hardware is fine.

    Has anyone else had this problem with Codename Longhorn beta 3? Or is it not a problem and I'm just trying to do something that can't be done?

    Thanks in advance for anyones help Smiley

  • Windows Server 2003 doesn't see my wlan card

    Is there any way to force win2k3 server to show a network card not on the HCL?

    The motherboard is fine, PCI card is fine (lights all glow), windows is installed fine, but device manager doesn't even see the card.

    I presume it's because the card aint on the HCL. Could be wrong though.

  • How Long Is Your...

    My memory is random, i call a number once or twice and i'll remember it and be able to recall it anytime. Same goes for passwords, pins, ccard no's.

    Long term is pretty good but at times only certain things seem to stick in my head (usually things im interested in/care about).

    Short term varies from amazing to absolutely terrible. What did my friend say on the phone 2 minutes ago? No point in asking me, but what all have I downloaded in the last day or 2? I can give you the entire list including filesize, time taken and the ratio it last had when I checked the torrent proggy! Cool Now where did I leave my cigs? Perplexed

  • It's Official: Windows Vista RC1 Is Complete

    I downloaded it in around 45 minutes at 1.10MB/s the whole way Big Smile
    Burned to DVD and installed on my media center box (that I use every single day for watching tv and scheduled recordings).

    One thing I've noticed from Beta 2 is that the boot time has improved from 45 seconds to 35 seconds on my P4 3GHz/512MB/128MB Nvidia FX5200/120GB IDE.

    Another is that media center actually runs now! If you tried it in beta 2 (at least for me) I couldn't stably even play an mp3 file. Now TV works just perfect with the latest nvidia beta driver + purevideo decoder. So does DVD playback and music.

    The new interface on MCE I love, when watching TV most of the on screen display shows up over the tv with transparacy, very nice Tongue Out

    And when you use the up/down buttons you can scroll through the channels with a short description of what's on air.

    Unfortunately there's pretty much nothing else ever used on this box so I've not had a chance to test it out for much else yet but for the media center 2005 user that doesn't use anything else it's ready to upgrade Cool

  • Coming Zune?

    Whoever made that website clearly didn't want the public to know anything. Some crappy animation to get to a mailing list? I'd rather have had "We're all friends" pop up straight away.

    And surely they could have at least put up a little picture of the thing, come on!

    If the "prototype" is anything to go on it looks rather nice tho! Tongue Out

  • Corrupt media player 10?

    Well i'll give that sfc a bash later on, meanwhile i'm 100% sure my firewall is all good, as I only have windows firewall enabled and theres one that blocks external access but thats a hardware box connected to my server.

    Also there's absolutely nothing to stop wmp communicating with the internal media services. It's been like this literally since the day I installed, the day before I had XP Pro and it worked Sad

  • Did Yahoo! forward your e-mails to the NSA?

    Doesn't sound good to me Sad

  • Corrupt media player 10?

    Whenever I try to connect to http or mms streams media player won't connect.  I've tried with streams that are 100% guaranteed working and with an open connection to the net.  It won't even connect to my local win2k3 media services Sad

    I can't re-install media player because i'm running mce 2005 which comes with media player 10 Sad  Any ideas how I could sort it, as I'm pretty sure it must be some sort of corruption causing the problem.

  • PC keeps rebooting randomly :/

    My media center pc has recently been bringing up a lot of 'blue screens' so I re-installed and removed all the PCI cards. Anyway, now it's mini-dumping a lot of the time, usually exactly when I change an mp3!

    The only event in event viewer that relates is:

    The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000024 (0x001902fe, 0xf7a46a2c, 0xf7a46728, 0xf73a449b). A dump was saved in: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini123105-05.dmp.

    That tells me nothing, but maybe someone can interpret it?