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Xenon101 Xenon101
  • Who is Channel 9 Personality of Year 2005?

    nothin wrong with enjoyin the 60s eh Tongue Out

  • VS2005 Launch Event freebies

    Just to make sure...it's cool using the SQL Server Std on a server in a datacenter right?

  • Media Centre Edition on XP Pro

    Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 is exactly like Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 except it doesn't allow domain login and there's a couple of other things. It allows IIS if you insert an xp (with sp2 slipstreamed) cd then go add/remove programs, windows comps.

    There are a couple of things different though. Media Center has an improved start menu (the colours don't burn your eyes, they look nice :O). Also it's arguable that Media Center has had optimisations to explorer and other stuff that makes it run a lot faster.

    Note: There's no drivers for the XP MCE remote control so you need Windows XP Media Center Edition installed for drivers. No workarounds IIRC.

  • VS2005 Launch Event freebies

    I'm just back from the Edinburgh event...right now Tongue Out

    Remember we only just got the opportunity to sign up for the free cds and it says they will all be dispatched when ready, so maybe Microsoft are going to send them out to all event go-ers after all the events?

    Apart from the cd's I came away having had a good day and a Microsoft bag with about 18 BizTalk cd's & 4 add-on's for SQL Server Tongue Out Also got lots of random Microsoft stuff to remember it by. Not bad if you ask me! They did steal my cool card though Sad

  • Recommendat​ions for minimum specs

    I would like just a single box to be running everything for the extranet. SQL Server 05 could be substituted with SQL Server Express, I guess, if it is less memory hungry.

    Exchange will only be powering the company staff mails and will only be available by POP3/SMTP/OWA. Maybe mobile compatability but would only be testing at first.

    The reason I ask is I can get a box of that spec for £200 right now so if it would do the job, I may as well just jump on that offer Wink

  • Recommendat​ions for minimum specs

    I am looking to build a little server to host all of our extranet services.

    Server will be assuming the roles of:
    File Server
    Application Server
    Domain Controller (Active Directory)
    DNS Server
    DHCP Server
    Streaming Media Server

    Will also require Exchange 2003 Standard with MS SQL 2005.

    From recommendations I think the minimum spec will have to be:

    P4 2.8GHz (533MHz FSB)
    2GB DDR Ram
    80GB HDD
    100Mbit NIC, 10Mbit connectivity.

    anyone care to agree/disagree?

  • Installing Exchange 2003 on Server 2003 with SP1

    Fair enough. Is it possible for me to get rid of this SP2 and install SP1 without screwing it all up? The terminology and grouping in SP2's menus are confusing me!!

  • Installing Exchange 2003 on Server 2003 with SP1

    Ok that's gonna check it out in a bit but I don't think I will be as the only users with relay permissions are my account & the other 3 staff accounts on the box.

    Now, I'm trying to setup a 2nd domain but not sure how I would go about it as the domain controller assigns all users @xurial.net...so i presume exchange would do the same, but some of the users cannot have xurial.net e-mail accounts as they are for staff.

    Instead I want to allow certain people to have xn3.net e-mails. I have configured DNS, it's not changed yet but ready to be, just need to know what needs to be done in Exchange.

    I have added an SMTP Connector for the domain.

    Cheers all Big Smile

  • Installing Exchange 2003 on Server 2003 with SP1

    Ah! I see now! I had only set it up to allow myslef & another exchange user to use that at all (including relaying perms).

    No-one ever told me you needed SMTP to receive mail, I really thought it was only for sending :/ my bad.

    Also 'silly accounts like test:test' i have exchange installed and before that didn't create any accounts. So now, the only way to set passwords is to have those big bad boy heavily secure passwords.

    Also I rarely ever have accounts on a box that aren't used Smiley

    MAIL FROM:iain.shortreed@gmail.com
    250 2.1.0 iain.shortreed@gmail.com.........Sender OK

    Guessing that means it's fine now?

  • Installing Exchange 2003 on Server 2003 with SP1

    Ok I've never tried sending mail via telnet before but following that article and trying

    MAIL FROM:iain.shortreed@xurial.net gives me the following error
    454 5.7.3 Client does not have permission to submit mail to this server.

    I don't know why this is as I it all appears to be setup to accept all mail! Perplexed

    Update: I tried this from a machine on the local network, from my XP box and from the server directly using telnet in cmd prompt. All gave the same result. Any ideas?