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Yakko Warner Yakko Warner
  • Ping 175: Wp app for Droids, Forbes Wifi, Next Xbox, Bing Offers

    The killer feature in the next Xbox would be Illumiroom!   Big Smile  There were some new videos about that today.

    But since it (reportedly) won't be ready for prime time when Durango launches, I'm going with the (rumored) ability for it to record gameplay and instantly share video.

    Although, considering all the rumors we've been hearing, I'll just be happy if it is backwards compatible, can still be played when my internet goes down, and lets me play used games.  Perplexed

  • Ping 175: Wp app for Droids, Forbes Wifi, Next Xbox, Bing Offers

    ...and, the time stamps are gone again.

    And the links are in a completely different order than the show.

    I'm starting to think this is a plot to make us watch the entire video, rather than being able to jump to our favorite point.

  • Defrag: Uninstall leftovers, IE Crash, Watchdog Bugcheck

    @LarryLa - I do the same thing with my own domain w/r/t emails.  Let me know when you do the "throw email sellers under the bus" show; I have a few of my own for the list.   Devil

  • Ping 173: IllumiShare, Worldwide Telescope, Play to Earn on Xbox, Developer Challenge to Down Under

    I'm finally getting caught up on my backlog of Channel 9 videos, and I have one burning question:

    What the heck happened to the time stamps in the show notes?!  I can't click to jump to that point in the video anymore?  Mad

  • Visual Studio 2012 Update 2

    Is there a way to download for offline installation, so we can download once and update the whole shop?

    {edit} Took quite a few clicks, but I found it -- run the web installer from a command line with the switch "/layout".

    Wish they'd make this an option on the UI; I never remember this switch and always have to dig for it every time an update is released.

  • Ping 164: IllumiRoom, Skype, Ballmer & Basketball, Surface Pro

    Oh yeah, almost forgot:


    Played in Seattle from 1967-2008.

  • Ping 164: IllumiRoom, Skype, Ballmer & Basketball, Surface Pro

    I've only played with a Surface RT at the MS Store.  Really impressive, and I'm really jealous of my friends who work at MS in Redmond who got Surfaces.  If I had the disposable cash, I think I'd be more inclined to get a Pro.  I still use enough desktop-based apps for it to be worth it, plus I'd love to use it for development (my existing laptop can't run Hyper-V and so I'm pretty crippled with regards to developing my million-dollar-idea Phone 8 app).  The only thing that I'd be concerned with is the battery.  I assume the Pro is going to have a shorter battery life than the RT, just considering its broader capabilities, but I haven't seen any definitive reviews yet.

    But, it's hard to justify the cash for a new machine either way right now.

    The switch to Skype has me a little concerned, to be honest.  The desktop clients ("Metro" and desktop) are fine, if a little peculiar (my former Messenger friends still show up with a "1:" or "2:" prefix).  But what will happen to devices where Messenger was integrated?  I'm thinking of my Windows Phone and my Xbox.  Will they survive the transition just as seamlessly?  (There's a Skype app for WP and I think one for Xbox, but they're not yet integrated into the standard "messaging" section for either one's OS.)

  • Part 3: Introduction to XAML

    I don't have Windows Store templates available (VS 2012 on Win 7).  (Our system administrators install software on our machines; it's *possible* they excluded this from the installation, if it's an option; although I'm not sure they *would* exclude something that specific.)  Is there somewhere I can get them?  Or do I have to be running Windows 8?

  • Ping 162: Life after Microsoft, Imagine Cup, Horror stories, Win8 app creator

    Does it count as a view if I download the MP4 file and view it there rather than viewing it in the embedded window above?

    I'd much rather freeze to death than burn to death.  Burning sounds too painful.  (Yeah, freezing is probably not too comfortable, either.)  But I'm not in any hurry to try either one.

    Personally, I don't care to use marijuana, but let the government tax it and make some money off of it.  Better than spending a ton of money unsuccessfully fighting it, and it's arguably no worse than cigarettes or alcohol.

  • Ping 162: Life after Microsoft, Imagine Cup, Horror stories, Win8 app creator

    1. POKE 53280,0: POKE 53281,1
    2. CLR
    4. POKE 198,0: WAIT 198,1: GET A$
    5. SYS 64738

    Commodore 64.  Tongue Out