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  • A lap around Windows 7 new Scenic Ribbon

    Ribbons have keyboard shortcuts, just like menus. I think they even have the same keyboard shortcuts by default. If they don't there's a period of readjusting, just like there was when switching from VS2003 to VS2005 with the new shortcuts. You get used to it, and then you get more productive. Embrace change!
  • The Future of Visual Studio Tools for Office

    Ian wrote:
    Sad thing is our business is stuck in Office 97 , just starting to migrate to Office XP!

    Why would you be upgrading to Office XP, now in 2006?
    I'm not talking about jumping to Office 2007 as soon as it's available, but we have Office 2003 with two service packs and three years of solid proof behind it.
  • Omar Shahine - Windows Live Mail

    cain wrote:

    Why do I need to control+click (or shift+click) to select multiple emails?  I'd prefer to have check boxes for each email to select/deselect them (being able to do it both ways would be best).  This was mentioned in the video as well as earlier in this thread, but if something that should be just one click requires me to hold down a key as well - that's bad.

    I wondered about this complaint that I saw from several people. Ctrl- and Shift-clicking to select is a very common convention in Windows, and one that's much more flexible than the checkboxes that are used on the web. Now people have gotten used to the inferior replacement and don't want the full functionality anymore.

    I, for one, welcome our new ctrl-click overlords.
  • Robert Fripp - Behind the scenes at Windows Vista recording session

    Bark at the moon wrote:
    PaintedBlue wrote: King Crimson's "In The Court of the Crimson King" is one of my favorite albums.

    RF/KC is good stuff, although I'm more into Peter Hammill and Van Der Graaf Generator. 'Pawn Hearts' and 'Godbluff' are amazing, if you're into that stuff. Robert Fripp played on ' Pawn Hearts' and probably some other PH/VDGG stuff. They were musical friends of sorts.

    Fripp's played with so many people it's not even funny. He played with Bowie. He played with Blondie. Playing 6-degrees with Fripp is almost too easy.
  • Robert Fripp - Behind the scenes at Windows Vista recording session


    Fripp?! Robert Fripp!
    Man. Now I KNOW I'm buying Vista when it comes out.

    I don't know who's idea it was to get Fripp to do the sounds for Vista, but s/he is nothing less than a god. Please let whomever it is know they made my day. Smiley
  • Cleartype Team - Typography in Windows Vista

    Khamul wrote:
    Very Late Edit: I just realised I have all those fonts. Where on earth did I get them from I wonder? Anyone know why on Earth I have Calibri, Consolas, Cambria, Candara, Constantia and Corbel.

    These are the Office '12' document fonts:
  • Concurrency and Coordination Runtime

    waltal wrote:
    I have an immediate need for more threading info and a future need for this concurrancy and coordination runtime.

    Larry Osterman had an excellent series of blog posts about concurrency. Here's his wrap-up of the series, with links and descriptions of all entries: