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  • Project Orion, moving the eclipse IDE to the cloud

    I don't know about "polished", but a simple java project I tried gave me serious text rendering issues in the code window, and sent me running to JetBrains' IntelliJ. ecosystem is nice, but fix the basics!

  • So, is anyone still using Google+ much?

    @aL_: I disagree on both counts. 

    First off, not "everyone" was on MySpace. At its peak, MySpace boasted 100 million accounts (not active accounts, just accounts created). When G+ launched, Facebook claimed some 600+ million accounts. This is important, since it meant the market was mostly saturated. Facebook picked up many social network newbies, while G+ came into a market where most people who wanted to be connected, already were.

    Secondly, MySpace was a lot more customizable than Facebook, visually. Facebook's apps weren't really "customizations", as much as more features the platform offers. I agree with you that apps were an important feature for new users for quite a while, but at least from what I can see, they're a relatively minor part of Facebook feeds these days (at least in my vicinity), with the status updates, pictures and Pages taking the lead. 

  • So, is anyone still using Google+ much?

    It doesn't really matter if Google+ is better than Facebook, in terms of features or looks or anything. People won't switch just because it gives them a better way to do something they already do. People will switch if a) Facebook becomes annoying for them (low availability / bad UI changes / whatever) and b) if Google+ gives them something new to do. 

    I use both (and twitter too) because the two have different audiences and different dynamics - basically, I use Google+ as a Facebook for Twitter-folk, while I use Facebook for people I know from real-life. But it's all blurring.

  • WP7 losing developer mindshare? Not so sure...

    @Dr Herbie: Actually, in this case we're talking about devs using a cross-platform package, so your sample is picked out of a crowd of people already committed to cross-platform support, it's just the choice of supported platforms that's debated.

  • WP7 losing developer mindshare? Not so sure...

    My main problem with the data is that, well, it doesn't say what it purports to say.

    This is a survey taken among users of a specific app-development package that doesn't support WP7, as you say, that asks how interested they are in developing for WP7. It doesn't say anything about WP7 popularity or lack thereof. It's useful, if at all, for AppCelerator to determine how much of a market they have to adapt their product for WP7, not about developers in the wild.

    What MJFoley is doing here is taking an existing but irrelevant data point and twisting it to create a headline: "Microsoft a distant third horse in the mobile race", even though the race itself is an irrelevant internal AppCelerator race.

    I've spent the last two years as a tech journalist, so I know exactly what went on in their heads. In fact, I reported on that self-same survey a few months back, and took care to stress that these results are NOT indicative of WP7's success. Or lack thereof. Smiley

  • Single Digit Community?

    @magicalclick: Well, I switched to lurker mode a few years ago, partly because I stopped programming for a living, partly because, well, things seemed to die down, the videos got a lot of attention but the forums didn't.

    But I still have the C9 RSS feeds in my googlereader. And even if I don't usually read them all, I do scan them sometimes and pop in if I have something to add.

  • Fictional computer technology books with [p][o][r][n] sounding titles

    "Hardcore Dependency Injection"

  • What if IE9.....?

    Ribbons are good for applications like Word, where you are constantly interacting with buttons and toolbars, and need them available. In IE, you use maybe 2-3 buttons tops, and all the rest are rarely used (Print, Options, etc), so it makes sense to hide them. Personally, I think additional toolbars in browsers should be discouraged, not encouraged: they are almost universally bloated and useless, replicating built-in functionality and adding dozens of buttons for no reason.

  • Four Ways IPv6 Will Save the Internet

    1994: RFC submitted by Apple, SGI and Sun bemon the inherent problems in the network infrastructure running out of IP addresses.

    1998: Vint Cerf warns that the internet will run out of IP addresses. Pushes for adoption of IPv6.

    2010: Same Vint Cerf once again warns that we'll run out of addresses within the year. I remain skeptical.


    It's not that IPv4 won't run out of addresses eventually. It's just that IPv6 is obviously a bad solution, since vendors have resisted implementing it for over a decade.

  • Installing Vista on Storage Drive

    A simpler way would be to get a copy of a linux LiveCD - like Ubuntu, which you can download freely and put on a small USB drive or a CD, or something even smaller like Puppy linux - and use that to retrieve your data. Easier than installing a full-blown OS.