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Yggdrasil Yggdrasil Pour me a cab, 'cause I can't drink no more.
  • Rotor: What's the point?

    AndyD wrote:
    as I understand it Rotor is the .Net CLI on FreeBSD,

    From what I gather, Rotor doesn't have anything to do with FreeBSD, necessarily.
    Rotor is a free, shared-source implementation of the standards and specifications that the .NET Framework also implements. Currently it can be built for Windows or FreeBSD, but the point is to have an open version of the .NET standards available for people to study and learn. It can't be used for most commercial purposes (like writing a CLR for OSX). Most people whom I see interested in Rotor get into it to better understand .NET - and therefore write programs that work better with .NET, like adding new .NET-compatible languages and such.

    Rotor, I am given to understand, is NOT production-quality code. It has not been optimized for speed, and probably not been tightened for security. It's a learning aid more than anything else.

  • Why Does Windows Still Suck?

    Now, before we start all our counter-rants on why unix crap and Mac crashes, I'll just post a link to Joel Spolsky's article on Biculturalism and some differences between Windows and Unix.
    Then we can go back to ranting. Smiley

  • Start Me Up: Next Windows song is...

    Shaded wrote:

    When I'm 64 - The Beatles - "Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I'm 64."  I think we're all worried on some level about obsolescence.

    Hey, that's a great song for a 64-bit launch.

  • Heard of Genghis?

    MVC has already been implemented by Microsoft for .NET - check out UIP - the User Interface Process Application Block from PAG - http://www.microsoft.com/practices. While you're there, check out the rest of the application blocks. And the Enterprise Library. And everything. Good stuff there. Smiley

  • Plug in madness rant... apple adobe & sun

    The QuickTime player, indeed, is the second most annoying media player I have run into - second only to the horrible RealPlayer (all versions) that simply believed that the sole purpose of your PC is to run RealPlayer, and anything else takes second place.

    Luckily, there are alternative versions for both:
    Quicktime Alternative
    Real Alternative

    Both install the codec in the system so you can watch MOV and RM movies with decent players (like Media Player Classic).

    When it comes to Adobe 7, though, it loads up REALLY quickly here. Faster than Adobe 6 (of course) and even faster than 5. I ran into a couple of tips for it here.

    (Freeware codecs? OSS media players? FireFox? If I'm not careful I'll come out as an OSS enthusiast, and that niche is filled. Smiley

  • NYT IE Smackdown

    [quote src=RossJ]
    As an aside I've also just dumped MSN Messenger in favour of Trillian.  Because yet again it contains features that I am not interested in (as a user) and contains none of the things I actually want ... there is a bit of a theme here methinks.

    On the IE/Firefox issue I lean more towards IE -partly because I don't particularly like tabs and other FF features, but mostly because FF isn't quite mature enough. Lots of page simply don't look right, and I don't care if it's because web designers write non-standard IE-optimized HTML. I don't care how "right" FF is, if it doesn't get the job done.

    But on the subject of MSN Messenger, I couldn't agree more. First of all, the Windows/MSN Messenger split is strange - quite obviously developed seperately, with Windows Messenger missing many very basic features that even MSN has.
    MSN, in the meanwhile, is entrenching itself in the teenage market. The only noticeable features of MSN Messenger 7 beta seemed to be annoying animations and "nudges", more emoticon support, and no real improvement in usability for people who use it for work or who just want to TALK.

    So Miranda IM is my choice for both Messenger and ICQ for now.