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Yggdrasil Yggdrasil Pour me a cab, 'cause I can't drink no more.
  • Software for running a convention

    Bass said:
    Yggdrasil said:

    Do you want to sell the tickets online or just track them online? Selling anything online will cost a reasonable merchant fee (usually around 3-4% plus 30 cents per transaction) if you are accepting credit cards. There is pretty much no way around this. Paypal and Google Checkout will manage this for you.

    I can live with only using the software to track orders and print tickets. Most of the tickets are sold in cash, anyway, and we have a credit-card solution already.

  • Software for running a convention

    itsnotabug said:
    Yggdrasil said:

    big, professional events warrant big, professional websites.

    I agree, but it's just not what we need. This is for TechEd-style events, where attendants pay hundreds of dollars for the entire event. We're working differently, with tickets to specific lectures, so it's not really appropriate. 

  • Software for running a convention

    spivonious said:
    Yggdrasil said:

    Found this from a Bing search: http://registertoattend.com


    Free for free events, $3.50 per transaction + 3% of total revenue for paid events.

    That's... so damn expensive I can't even begin to explain. This is for big, professional events, not the non-profit con we're trying to raise. A ticket for an event - lecture, panel, whatever  goes for about $8-$10, so this comes out to nearly 50% of the revenue. 

    Thanks, though.

  • Software for running a convention

    magicalclick said:

    I would just make an even / page + even on Facebook. Then I will share my Photos/Videos and Powerpoint from SkyDrive, pretty much it. I am much lazier Tongue Out

    Also not really practical for a 3-day event with hundreds of attendees and dozens of events, unfortunately. Gotta keep track of tickets sold and events shifting about. I don't need to have people just mark themselves as Attending - I gotta see who paid for tickets and who didn't. It can be done with a big pile of Excel sheets, and usually is, but I'm looking for something a bit more convenient.

  • Software for running a convention

    Hey there, multi-talented Niners of eclectic and extensive experience:


    I'm looking for good software, preferably open-source for running a convention: event tracking, ticketing, hopefully exposing the data as a live web page as well, for the people attending and buying tickets. 

    This is for a science fiction con, with the standard run of panels, lectures and presentations, over a couple of days. I'm sure that there are dozens of projects for that out there, and I would really prefer to NOT reinvent the wheel here.


    Have any of you used something like this before, and can recommend it? I'm scouting around on SourceForge and so forth, and found a few possibilities, but a personal recommendation would help greatly.



  • Program flow controlled by  catching exceptions

    I had a similar problem a few years back, with audio files recorded on the microphone into a directory. I spent most of the project cursing the FileSYstemWatcher and its unreliable behavior, and ended up having the FSW watcher code just put the new files' names into a queue, and handle them a second later. Not the most elegant solution, but it works.

  • Restarting graphical mode

    spivonious said:

    You can end the explorer.exe process. It will automatically restart.


    What are you trying to accomplish?

    Or possible killing dwm.exe, depending on what bug you're trying to circumvent. 

  • C# Reflection issue

    TommyCarlier said:
    Zeus said:

    Thanks for the bug fix, I corrected my code. That's what happens when you improvize in the C9 editor. Smiley

    Maybe it's easier to make a method to do this (so you can reuse it):

    public static object GetPropertyValue(object item, string propertyName)
      return item != null
        ? item
            .GetValue(item, null)
        : null;

    Which you can the use like this:

    var childName = 
        GetPropertyValue(item, "FirstChild"),
        "Name") as string;

    I'm with Tommy here - if you're going to do any serious work with reflection, building a set of easy-access methods is essential, otherwise you'll get bogged down in tedious syntax and methods with 5-6 parameters, half of which are usually null or identical from call to call. Make your life easier, make a ReflectionHelper class with some helper methods. 

  • Google (Chrome) OS

    I think a better way of thinking about this is enabling devices that are not  replacements for a computer, but  for a SECOND computer. People will have their main machine for work, word-processing and videos. But this will be more like the Kindle - a device (not a computer) for easy browsing. Consider Michael Arrington's CrunchPad - it's the same concept, in hardware. A simple, small device that you can have lying around your living room and can pick it up, read a website or some RSS feeds and put back down without a fuss. 

    No local storage (except for caching) because this isn't built for heavy data-entry purposes. The point is to have the storage in the cloud, in gmail and Google Docs and so forth, and have them easily accessed from netbooks and tablet devices. Again, think of the Kindle as the inspiration. 

  • Twit the new BBS

    And what do these have to do with twitter? Just because you could leave short messages doesn't make it into twitter. Twitter's interesting uses come from the fact it's updated everywhere via SMS or mobile internet, and the fact that memes spread virally via RTs and hashtags. That's twitter, the social aspects, not the technical.