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Yggdrasil Yggdrasil Pour me a cab, 'cause I can't drink no more.
  • Census - Linux

    I have a virtual Ubuntu Server 9.04 running on my box at home that I occasionally SSH into from my laptop...

    ...but honestly? I set it up only to play with, and I find myself not actually doing anything with it. There's nothing I need to do that I can't do on my host Server 2008 box.

  • Windows Vista inside out?

    Sven Groot said:
    Curt Nichols said:

    It was also apparently due in November. No wait, January. Sorry, I meant April. Amazon's release date for this book just keeps shifting so I've lost faith in it.

    I wonder if they didn't decide to just scrap the current version and update it for Windows 7 before publishing it.

    Otherwise, with W7 release schedule getting earlier all the time, this book will be obsolete by the time it's published.

  • OMG, Free TechNet ​Subscriptio​ns!

    We don't have any 140-character limit here, so why bother with the URL shortener? It just makes it harder to know what we're getting into before clicking.

  • A Few Ideas: ANumber & "Branded" Types

    I like the Branded types idea, although I prefer the name Alias or Typedef or something like that. I like the idea because it's like a simple contractual interface, not of syntax but of intent. This is the reason I don't like using generic Tuple<X,Y> and prefer to subclass it - explicitness.

  • Trial versions of Visual Studio 2005

    TommyCarlier said:

    What kind of compatibility? With VS2008 you can compile to .NET 2.0, so if it's that kind of compatibility you could use VS2008. If it's not, I can't help you.

    Nah, it's to check compatibility with plug-ins - I want to make sure what I write will work as an add-in for VS2005 as well as VS2008.

  • Trial versions of Visual Studio 2005

    Does anyone know if the trial versions of VS2005 are still available anywhere? I couldn't find them on microsoft.com, and various links people had to them seem to be dead. 

    I need it to check compatibility for some things, so VS2008 doesn't help me much. 


  • Chrome 2.0 released

    I've been using the 2.0 beta builds, so this isn't a big change for me. Flash performance is still horrible. Having a Flash movie open in a tab causes all tabs to stutter. Ugh.

    Still, it's not bad. Javascript is fast but unreliable in all sites, but it gets the job done.

  • One project, multiple binaries?

    vesuvius said:
    I would read this post.

    You really need to ask yourself that have such a large .dll imprint? Unless you are building a composite application, where each module is a .dll, then you realy need to ask yourself why so?

    Most developers do this to separate their code, where a simple namespace would suffice. I decreased  the build speed, performance and memory imprint for a biggish application I wrote, by just creating some folders (the logical containers) and separated them by namespace.
    I heartily support vesuvius's statement. In an old project, we dropped from 50 projects to 15 (the previous architects believed in having separate assemblies for EVERYTHING) and our whole-solution build time dropped from 2 minutes to 25 seconds, and that's not counting the major time savings in just opening the solution. 
    The default state should be having one big project. Now find the places you need to separate, and do that there.

  • Sheila gets a HP

    Bass said:
    littleguru said:
    If I could get even 1% of the money Apple and Microsoft spend on advertisements per year I would be a very happy man.
    Well, if I could get 1% of the money Microsoft spends on anything per year, I would probably be happy. Be it software licenses, dairy products or vermin extermination.

  • iPhone Apps For .NET Developers (Seattle Area)

    Ion Todirel said:
    Turbodad said:
    > Kudos to you, sir, for trying to bring more developers to the best mobile platform.
    Jeez, people, what's with the partisanship here today?