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  • Concluding Thoughts - 24

    Hi Bob,

    I study your vids day and night including weekends.  I am pushing myself to finish and comprehend at the same time. Some days when I reach a plato I just shutdown and pick up later.

    Is there a fast way that I can comprehend and master C# .Net.

      I have been enjoying your training, it is awesome!

  • while Iterations and Reading Data from a Text File - 11


    I am somewhat of a novice in programming and I notice that all your platforms are in a console setting.  Do you have videos utilizing Windows Forms?  I have been following along with the Console concepts which basically is the same as Windows forms with a slight adjustment. 

    I do enjoy your training immensely;howevere; is there a reason for this environment vs Windows? 

  • Creating and Calling Simple Overloaded Helper Methods - 10

    Hi Bob,

    I have been going through your video every chance I get, all day long when possible.

    Its very rewarding and comprehensible. Although, the "Buffering" is annoying.  What can I do, other than pausing it for the buffering to catch up?  It interferes with my train of thought, especially when you are sharing a new concept for me.


    I would like to download the video as well and have been unsuccessful.