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  • What’s New in the Visual Studio 2013 IDE

    I installed 2013 preview, but I did not notice that there were so many new features. Well, it had a link to text page that listed What's New in VS 2013, but text cannot beat video.

  • Microsoft DevRadio: Reasons Why You Should Develop a Windows 8 App

    One thing to point out is that the number of Windows 7 PC is not 100% related to the Windows RT app user base.

    • A significant amount of those PCs are in work environment, that users do not want to install apps like Mad Faultry.
    • Majority of the PC's do not have touch screens or even a touch pad. The whole touch-based RT app becomes akward to use.
    • Most of the mobile PC's are thick, heavy, short battery life, and people have iPads, Android tabets that they do not see their mobile PC's as tablets.