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YuviPanda YuviPanda The Stats Guy

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16 year old Geeks do exist. Look ma, I'm proof!
  • Kids Programming Language

    Well, started with C/C++ when I was 9, but all I understood was upto Structured Programming in C. I couldn't make anything of Pointers and C++[apart from cout, cin;)]. KPL at that time would've been a huuuge Bonus to me, and I might've understood OOP concepts at 9, rather than 3 years later...

    Am 15 now, and do a lot of VB.NET/C#. Works Great!
  • ARCast - NHibernate

    >>We still don’t have it in the .NET framework

    Wait a Second. Then, What's Serialization for ? Is'nt it Object Persistance ?

    The 14 Year Old Kid
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